LED patent dispute could block Blu-ray, cellphones imports

According to a statement released on its web site on Thursday, the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) has begun an investigation into a list of companies that reads like a Who's Who in the modern electronics industry. At issue is whether or not the companies in question have infringed upon a series of patents held by Dr. Gertrude Neumark Rothschild. The patents in question have not been specifically identified, but they cover "short-wavelength (e.g., blue, violet) LEDs and laser diodes that are used in products such as handheld mobile devices, instrument panels, billboards, traffic lights, HD DVD players (e.g., Blu-ray disc players), and data storage devices."

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doodle3859d ago

But no worries if MS resorts to heinous moves then X360 will be banned in JAPAN and EUROPE

cow moolester3859d ago

so let me get this straight...any bad news about a sony product and it must be viral Marketing by Microsoft? Microsoft and Sony are enemies in the console business but outside of that, they are on good-terms with each other.

Paranoid much?

doodle3859d ago

This is a feeble attempt by MS to dent SONY's crusade.

University of Columbia is not even among the top10 US schools in ENGINEERING. How would a simple professor of that University come up with a tech as complex as BLU RAY . The entire faculty BODY of MIT (US no1 in comp engineering) would take years to come up with something like BLU RAY not to even mention other lesser schools

M$ resorted to nasty tactics in the past. It helped against weaker opponents but wont help against MUCH BIGGER SONY

Harry1903859d ago

like you because of your bigger than life attitude,
but sometimes you should calm down.The comment
on the University of Columbia was i dare say a
little bit ridiculous.simply because they're not in the
top ten does not mean they could not pull up something
like that.i am not saying they did it,but you should ponder a little bit more
before making such comments.

doodle3859d ago

University of Columbia could never come up with Blu Ray even with their entire FACULTY BODY

I can give them 20 years :) and they will still fail

Had it been MIT (US) /IIT (india) then it would have been a different story . as for Coulmbia in comp engineering is a good JOKE

I dont need to think cuz anyone will simply laugh at the idea of a SINGLE PROFESSOR in COLUMBIA coming up with BLU RAY especially when the RELATED FIELD is computer engineering


Percy3859d ago

im gonna have to agree with harry190 they are not saying the dr. invented blue ray thay are saying that he/she holds the patent on the led for the wavelength blueray works within. since making any product that violates that patent would be against the law they may not be able to sell any product that uses it until the litgation is resolved. this is not sony vs ms this is the dr. vs everybody who may or may not be infringing on the patent.

PeeboDaKilla3859d ago

and there are many brilliant people that both teach and are enrolled in Columbia. It's an ivy league school, not just "some US university"

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ruibing3859d ago

The lawsuit was filed after Blu Ray won, I hope they find how conveniently suspicious that is.

Regret3859d ago

Patent is filed before Blu-ray so it doesn't matter.

yesah3858d ago

we live in a world where people sue fast food places for heart attacks...but i doubt this will have a very big impact.

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