The Perfect Game

For those that have played any of the games in the "Souls" series, especially the latest entry, "Dark Souls," it is easy to understand what is meant when saying the games provide a refreshingly frustrating experience. Frustrating gameplay is, of course, a bad thing, but frustration in games isn't inherently bad. In fact, when used correctly, it's quite important in providing a great gameplay experience. However, it's only one aspect of many design elements that, when combined, provide the makeup for the perfect game.

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Kos-Mos2875d ago

Especially Demon`s Soul`s you mean, since it`s slightly better of course.

nugnugs2875d ago

Hmm, debatable. They're both awesome though. It's the unique online aspects that make the games so good.
"Amazing Chest Ahead" etc.

Kluv2875d ago

I prefer Dark Souls for it's world design. Specifically how it's pretty much all one seamless open world, and how much variety there was in color with Demon Ruins and Anor Lando.

3-4-52875d ago

Why don't people realize that naming your game Demo Soul is probably beyond generic and tacky ?

Hicken2875d ago

Why don't you realize that your naming sense means next to nothing in the eyes of many others? Demon's Souls is a simple title, which is all that's needed, sometimes.

rextraordinaire2875d ago

I don't know... Tried it and the fact that the character couldn't jump in any way really turned me off about this game.

I think Dragon's Dogma would be the less known but more interesting brother when it comes to well designed action RPGs of this generation.

But that's just my opinion.

YoungPlex2875d ago

"Is Dark Souls a perfect game? By no means no!"

Um, both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls were about as perfect as perfect can get, those are my two favorite jrpg's this gen. To me both games are damn near perfection and works of art!