Xbox One: Hating on it is the cool thing to do right now

It seems like everyone hates the Xbox One. But really, if you look at Microsoft’s presentation, was it as bad as everyone thinks?

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pat_11_51969d ago

I'm waiting until E3 until I bring out my pitch fork.

iGAM3R-VIII1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Agreed. Even though I did not prefer the X1 after the reveal, MS can still pick up their bags and get a redo. It will be nice to see what MS can do to improve their reveal since the last one. I am hoping for new games this time and more gameplay in the reveal

-Mika-1969d ago

I agree. MS did alot of innovative stuff this gen like cross game chat and achievements. So people really shouldn't count them out.

TXIDarkAvenger1969d ago

Did you say something positive about MS on N4G? Disagrees incoming!

dedicatedtogamers1969d ago

Nearly two months ago, I wrote an N4G blog predicting exactly what the author is talking about:

Granted, Microsoft is 90% deserving of the hate they're getting right now, but yeah...

yesmynameissumo1969d ago

E3 really when MS shines. Oh wait...

2010 -
2011 -
2012 -

There are legitimate reasons for the hate and/or skepticism.

SuperLupe1969d ago

"E3 really when MS shines. Oh wait... "

Yeah because MS were launching a new console at those E3's. Oh wait ...

yesmynameissumo1969d ago

What's your point SuperLupe? You act like they are going to blow minds at E3, when for the past 3 yrs they done the opposite. New console or not. Matter of fact, they even said they were treating the launch of Kinect as a new console. That was amazing, wasn't it?

iGAM3R-VIII1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

@-Mika- I said their reveal wasn't half decent. Cross Game Chat actually isn't as innovative as you think my dear friend and achievements have been around since long time. Both Wii and PS3 and 360 had it so how is it innovative? Innovative means a completely new and smart thing or advancement

FITgamer1969d ago

@superlupe So you saying M$ is only capable of being successful at E3 when they have a console to launch? So prepare for at least 8 more years of disappointment after this year.

karl1969d ago


does that mean when can only expect new games when MS launches a new system? and then goodbye till next gen?

oh wait.. u are right, that sounds just like MS

dantesparda1969d ago

"Xbox One: Hating on it is the cool thing to do right now"

Fanboys are one delusional bunch! People are not hating on it because "its the cool thing to do", they are hating on it for good reasons, they are hating on it, because its always on with a camera that is always listening and person are rightfully concerned about their privacy, they are hating on the fact that you need to always be logged on and cant use used games the way they used to without having to pay (almost full price mind you) for it, they hate the fact that MS seems to think its TV and apps features are a main selling point. They hate the fact that its a technically inferior system to the PS4. They hate the fact that MS is trying to sucker people with the claims of the cloud making it alot more powerful and the list goes on. So dont sit here and act like people are hating on it for no good reason, other than, them thinking that its the cool thing to. Fanboys are pathetic! you people are a complete and utter embarassment to the human race

k2d1969d ago

@ Mika: Innovative? AHAHAhahaHAHAhahaHAHaaaa..!

I can easily do without achievements and thropies though.

MikeMyers1969d ago

Even after E3 people will have their pitchforks ready. We will see some great games and sadly some will ignore them to keep the hate alive.

SilentNegotiator1968d ago


And I can see that even BEFORE E3, fanboys are ignoring anti-consumer policies to pretend like there's no issue.

Gaming1011968d ago

LOL people have every right to be upset when you can no longer get used games, can't take games to a friend's house without them buying the game as well (almost full price), always being online as a requirement, a camera that is always there picking up sound and video that I'm sure no one will ever hack into (yeah right) plus the huge emphasis on Kinect as it is now mandatory, and Kinect games being front and center with all the emphasis in terms of actual new games is complete garbage in any hardcore gamer's eyes. Microsoft wants to be everything to everyone. They want to replace your smart phone and tablet by copying their strategies... someone needs to let Microsoft know that no one will ever throw away their smart phone or tablet, or replace it with an ugly looking VCR-alike that they can't take anywhere.

Microsoft's strategy has always been to hurt competitors. It sees smart phones and tablets as competitors now and wants to take away their business. Microsoft is full of delusional executives that have no understanding of how the world of electronics work, they were a software company first and should have remained that way, they're clueless when it comes to hardware and will lose billions on these stupid decisions with Xbox One. Why do you think a Microsoft Executive wants to sell off Xbox and Zune? Because those brands make no money. They're poorly designed and they're now trying to destroy other business models like used games. Microsoft is destroying wealth, not creating it.

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SilentNegotiator1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

If we don't have our pitchforks out now, apologetics will take over when they announce Halo 5 and "all is forgiven" and "only fanboys have such a problem with X1"

They aren't going to announce a reversal of their DRM policies at E3, least they look weak and unorganized to investors.

Only an apologist moron would think that the "hate" (criticism) of MS's BS DRM, mandatory Kinect, and non-game focused reveal is only happening because it's "cool" - How far must the delusion go?

cyguration1969d ago


Thank you.

It's like we're in the Twilight Zone or something where the Pro-Corporate White Knights are saying "lol, your rights aren't important...wait for E3"

Like you mentioned, the only thing they can do is downplay policies that have already be in the works. The console comes out this holiday -- which is in November -- and that's only five months away. With production schedules that means anything system related has to be finished before or by September.

This means that MS has approximately three months to role-reversal integrated system functions and I just don't see that happening this late into the game.

I mean, WTF will it take to get these fanboys off their butts and sticking up for themselves? This is pathetic.

Revolver_X_1969d ago

LOL @ SilentNegotiator

I see your avatar and can but imagine you saying this to Xbox1 and thier spin frenzied fans.

hankmoody1969d ago

The number of disagrees on your post just boggles the mind. It's what someone with common sense would write yet the majority of people on here just can't bring themselves to be a little more open minded.

cyguration1969d ago

Open minded about having their rights taken away? Open minded about kinect always having to be on in order to use the XB1?
Open minded about being forced to log-in every 24 hours or you can't use the system features that YOU PAID FOR!

Really? You're willing to to just hand them your home for a few exclusives?

Man, this generation is doomed.

solar1969d ago

especially around here.

-PS4 > X1 because its more powerful!!
-when it comes to PC v PS4 = it's about the games!! not how powerful your console is!

anything the PS4 extremists can hate on when it comes to X1 or PC lately has been way out of control.

Bimkoblerutso1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

I HOPE this is not just a brand loyalty thing for most of these folks, because this is a much bigger issue than a simple proclivity toward any one of the major console makers. This is about the direction the entire industry could potentially move toward in the coming years.

Most people are simply complaining about consumer rights, and I have absolutely no problem getting the pitchforks out for that kind of stuff.

You have to understand that what Microsoft (among many others in the industry) is trying to do is completely UNPRECEDENTED in a consumer market. Concept of ownership, privacy, and consumer rights should not be topics that are dismissed as simple "extremist" ramblings.

ABizzel11969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Fanboys are up in arms when the tables have turned.

Around this time during the PS3's lifecycle, attacks on the console were relentless and even worse FULL OF LIES.

1. PS3 is a Georege Forman Grill. Well it's the sexiest GFG I've ever seen.

2. It has no games. I played Resistance: FOM, Motorstorm, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Folklore, Ratchet & Clank, and Uncharted all in the first year, all exclusives.

There was also Genji, MLB: The Show, and Ridge Racer, but those games were not for me.

3. The 360 has better graphics. Gears of War looked better than anything on the PS3's launch. Then Uncharted: Drake's Fortune came out, and while many site proved Uncharted was miles better than Gears graphically, fanboys argued otherwise, until MGS4 came out, then Killzone 2, then Uncharted 2, then God of War 3, and finally graphics didn't matter anymore.

4. There's no achievements. We got trophies, but somehow achievements were still better to fanboys when they did the exact same thing. Now it doesn't matter.

5. XBL is better than PSN. At the time it was somewhat true, but while you're paying $50 a year we're gaming online for free. Now PSN + PS+ is arguably better than XBL.

I can't think of any others off the top of my head (I can't seem to be able to go back in my comments far enough to look it up either), but it was a rough time being a PS3 owner between early 2006 - early 2008.

So what I'm trying to say to fanboys is #DealWithIt

For those legitimate 360 gamers disappointed, I know how you feel. I was looking forward to the Xbox One as well, but these business practices are a complete turn off.

trenso11969d ago

yea it seems like when ever ps3 or sony one ups the xbox the xbox fanboys change the rules and say it doesn't matter anyways. Like when PS3 over took xbox in worldwide sales, sales suddenly didnt mater to them anymore(sale shouldn't matter to anyone who doesn't work for these companies anyways)

Urusernamesucks1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

The hate is heavily misplaced,

People only look at the negatives and ignore the positives is what i mean.

I guess it is the "cool thing" right now since people hardly know shit of what its capable of and dont know crap about its used games policys.

Its not olnly n4g thats for sure but the hate has a stronger concentration here than any other site ive visited.

Some of the crticism is understandable, on how it didnt show games and the comfusion about used games policys, But all that other trash talk about kinect is retarded.People havent even seen or tryed it, they only litsen mainstreamed bullshit

ABizzel11969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

"The hate is heavily misplaced,"

That's the part I don't understand. The hate isn't coming from Sony fanboys (they're just eating it up having a good time with it like the 360 fanboys did with the PS3 launch).

The hate is coming from angry core 360 owners who wanted a great console, but instead got this mess of a console reveal.

1. DRM (no form of used games at all, borrowing, buying, etc...),
2. Good specs. until. (25% of the CPU, 10% of the GPU, and 37.5% of the RAM all reserved for Kinect, 3 OS, and multimedia functions)
3. HEAVY Multimedia focus (6 new studios opened, all for multimedia and TV)
4. Forced Kinect (must have for the console to work and always listening),
5. Hidden fees for everything (want to use these media services you still need pay the service provider, after paying for these services now you have to pay for XBL, want to play a used/borrowed game pay for it)
6. Not Always online (but must check online every 24 hours).

This is a slap in the face to any consumer, and instead of MS taking the time to explain exactly what's going on, and clear up all the mess, that they AND I QUOTE "Blame the media for all the misinformation", they're sitting back trying to save face and figure out how they can implement this without losing the core gamer.

How anyone can defend this is beyond me. It doesn't matter what games they have, THIS IS WRONG. MS feels they have their core gamer audience and they don't need to do anything, but put out a few exclusives, Call of Duty, EA Sports, and other 3rd party multi-million selling franchises on the console and call it a day because their gamers don't want or expect more from them.

I'm not snubbing the 15 exclusive announcement, but it's really not that impressive with me coming off the PS3 launch which had 11 exclusive retail games Year 1 (Resistance, Motorstorm, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Folklore, Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, Genji, Ridge Racer, MLB, and Lair), and unfortunately I don't recall how many PSN games but I can think of at least 3 (GT HD concept, Flow, Super Stardust).

When you put it like that 15 exclusives isn't all the impressive unless ALL 15 games are retail games and are well received. I'll hold my judgement off until then, because I'm sure well see some good games at E3 from MS, but I seriously doubt more than 10 of those games are retail release excluding Kinect titles (excluding Ryse which should be a core game).

Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, Dance Central, Kinect Fitness (being developed) are games that sold/performed too well for the 360 Kinect not to have a sequel/successor within the first year. Add in potential XBLA games and that 15 exclusives list is looking more like 8 retail max.

My problems with the X1 are not the console itself for the most part (CPU, GPU, RAM restrictions is annoying), but more so with MS business practices and blatant non-concern for the core gamers who made the Xbox brand what it is today.

If I ever buy an X1 it will definitely be used so that MS doesn't get A PENNY. NOT ONE CENT of my money, and any self respecting core gamer should do the same to prevent these business practices from being the NEW STANDARD in console gaming. The only reason I'd buy the console is for good games. I won't punish their game developers who actually make good games for the stupidity of their executives. But even then I won't be getting one until 1 - 3 years into it's lifecycle unless MS comes out and abandons all the BS they're trying to pull.

If Sony does the same thing I'm selling my old PC and building a new gaming PC, and I'll get a Wii U when the exclusives roll in on that console.

Killabites1969d ago

Yup same I'm waiting until E3 before I unleash my dog.

Mounce1968d ago

Why a pitchfork? I'll bring out some popcorn.

I mean, I'd love to see another Microsoft conference with glowing ponchos and acrobatics again while they talk about TV, sports, Call of Duty, Dogs and moving fish.

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MariaHelFutura1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

It deserves it, it was the worst console reveal of all time.

Urusernamesucks1969d ago


say hi.

Skips1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Says hi to what??? LOL!

Sony's PS3 reveal comes NOWHERE NEAR to the amount of fail and backlash Microsoft is getting right now. Just look at the amount of viral gifs and memes circulating the web... lol

You even have hardcore Xbox fans raging at MS. XD

DigitalRaptor1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

There are people out there saying the Microsoft aren't going to bring the good stuff to E3. To that I disagree, but that is my opinion. I'm still skeptical of the "15 exclusives" as they could be anything, from unproven studios, to Kinect shovelware etc.

BUT... Not only was it a poor showing, but people are acting like the games are the main problem with the new Xbox. It's like they're completely ignoring all the disgusting restrictions and anti-consumer devices that MS have had in place when designing their newest console.

They think great games can make up for a company that wants to fleece you dry before it focuses your attention on television and sports, before it focuses your attention on games.

- An always-on camera is required to run the console and its games. Why?

- DRM/charging you for a second time on a physical game disc. You can't just lend your game to friends/family without them using your account or paying a separate fee. Whyy? As far as I'm aware, you aren't stopped from lending your friends any other physical product, so why do game publishers think they're a special case??

- An always-online required connection (supposedly every 24 hours) to check your account has the license of the game you're playing, even a physical disc you bought. Why??

- A non-removable HDD that is restricted to 500GB. Why? I know why and I'll explain it in the next point.

- Mandatory installs for every game. Games this coming generation will be huge. 100GB discs are being used. How many games will you be able to store on that HDD, without having to buy external storage (MS overpriced proprietary hardware, most likely)? Probably no more than 7 games.

- Region locked games. More disappointing than anti-consumer, really.

- Still charging for the basic ability to play games online and free apps. Why?

- Sacrificing high-end graphics to focus on their broad entertainment-focused OS which takes up a whopping 3GB of RAM. Why???


Why all these restrictions and disappointing decisions? Well we know it's Microsoft, but why?? It's nothing but privacy invasion, forced restrictions, corporate greed and a strong will to control you as a consumer. Can you see how several of these restrictions are closely tied together and have been carefully designed to fleece the consumer as much as possible.

MS is killing gaming culture with their focus, but also with their restrictions.

Snookies121969d ago

Hating on Sony was the cool thing to do for a LONG time. Then it switched to Nintendo when the Wii U came out. Though that didn't last long before the Xbox One was revealed.

My point being... #dealwithit

Sorry, couldn't resist... Seriously though, fans of every console have had to deal with this in some form or another.

Kurylo3d1969d ago

I dont think its got to do with being a fan. I mean some people thats the reason... but not for me. I just think the new xbox is an invasion of privacy, its not as powerful a system, and it has a bunch of annoying voice and motion features that i can give a crap about.

It showed me that it was nothing more then a blue ray player where I am the remote. I have a remote for my tv thank u very much. I dont feel like waving my arms around and talking to the machine. I come home and chill on the couch so i can lay down and shut the heck up cause ive been talking all day. Microsofts new console looks like its more work to use then a traditional tv remote. Good luck to them, but I want no part of it. And if by some miracle they get some good kinnect 2.0 games, then ill try it. But if i do, i will be unpluggin the kinnect between uses. I hate the idea of big brother watching or listening to me.

GalacticEmpire1969d ago

People aren't "hating" because it's cool, they're concerned that what MS are forcing onto gamers will set a precedent that will severely restrict out freedoms as consumers for the coming generation. People have legitimate concerns and dismissing it as just following the cool crowd is plain ignorant.

Unicron1969d ago

Whoah, careful there with the logic son!

cyguration1969d ago

Yeah, it might cause a few fanboys to pull a brain muscle.

Kurylo3d1969d ago

logic? NERD! your not cool enough to hate on something.

T21969d ago

People are so caught up in fanboy wars that they cant even fathom that savvy consumers actually care what the company policies are ... I am a very concerned 360 owner .... But here they would just squeal " Sony fanboi !!"