Forget the Xbox One and PS 4 — the most powerful gaming device is your PC

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi interviews experts and rounds up technical opinions on the performance of the upcoming consoles vs the PC.You know who wins, but the final victory may be elusive.

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aCasualGamer1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

My thought exactly! lol

Sure, you can customize and build high end PCs. That's not something i can afford nor want to do. I like the convenience of a console sitting in the livingroom taking care of all my gaming needs. That's it. I don't want a $2,499 razor blade pro, all the power to you if you can afford that but not me.

Irishguy951970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

PC's are cheapter than consoles. Especially in the long run.

If you don't want to miss out of Exclusives of a console or if you want a smaller device sitting in your living room..

These are the only two valid reasons anyone can have. The rest is BS which only ignorant fanboys believe.

"Want to play on comfort of cough and living room"
You can on PC too

"Want a gamepad"
Pick anyone you want on PC

"It's complicated"
No it isn't.

"Want good online"
PC has the best online

"Want an entertainment hub"

"No games"
Yes it does

Cheap games. The initial investment is quickly diminished when you take into account PC games are always cheaper by a large margin

Some people don't even get that 800 is enough for a top line gaming PC. It's just not overkill which you can do if you want.

Edit---Oh excuse me for forgetting the only other reason Kwietstorm.

Point is, their is no downside to gaming PC's over consoles. There are different exclusives. That is it.

KwietStorm1970d ago


Or maybe the fact that all of someone's friends play on console. Does that also fall under fanboy BS?

aCasualGamer1970d ago

[email protected]

Not all understand how or have the time to build PC rigs. That's one of my arguments. Another, is that i'll have to spend more than $500 on a PC rig. That i don't want to do. Also, as you pointed out... there are too many games i would be missing out on if i abandoned the PS4 in favor of PC.

Ofcourse, the most powerful gaming rig is the PC...

BUT... not all can afford the customized 1000hp cars, so i'll settle with a Nissan Gt-R.

JsonHenry1970d ago

If you can put legos together you can build a PC. It is so dumbed down a trained monkey can do it.

aCasualGamer1970d ago


I know that you need the right combination of parts to make it effective, for example, if you have alot of RAM on processor A you won't get as much out of your PC RIG would you have gotten processor B. Someone will probably tell me, "you could have done it cheaper and more effectively this way". That is too much headache for me, i would just like to buy a box that says "hey, you can play high quality games here and you don't have to worry about anything else". If you find that box in the PC world, it will cost you alot. But there is a PS4 just around the corner, so why the f----k should i get a gaming rig?

Starting to get pissed off on you PC elitists. Can't you just respect the fact that not all gamers want a f----ng PC gaming rig?

ABizzel11970d ago


The initial cost for good gaming PC is why PC will never overtake consoles. That $800 gaming PC will only be marginally more powerful than a PS4 (Intel i5 / i7 CPU, 7870 GHz GPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HDD). I'm sure te PS4 will be no more than $499, so in the eyes of consumers the extra $300 isn't worth it when you have a console that can do pretty much everything a PC can do, besides Microsoft Office.

For most gamers a console is "Good Enough". Console offer great gameplay, good graphics, and all at a mass market price.

Yes PC games are almost always cheaper starting at $50 vs $60, sale for less on distributive servies like Steam and Origin ($40 - $50), drop in price significantly faster than console games ($30 first month), and have multiple clearance sales (knocking game prices down to $10 >). BUt that initial cost is just a deal breaker for most people.

The article is right PC gaming is already a good margin ahead of consoles right now power-wise, but to buy / build a PC that completely blows the PS4 out of the water means you're going to be spending at least $1,000 (build it yourself high-end) and closer to $2,000 (build it yourself top-end) if you want a a beastly gaming PC. And for those who can't build PC's you're looking at an extra $1,000 each.

PC gaming has a lot going for it especially if you can afford a high-end rig. But $ for $ you're better off getting a console (nearly 2x as powerful as any current $500 PC), unless you need a specific software.

Kurylo3d1970d ago

Your kind of missing the point that all these console games that are multiplatform and selling for $50 still.. are selling for $5 on steam. Hell I bought batman arkham city , arkham asylum, the new hitman... loads of games for $5

Hell I bought every assassins creed game just because I got them for $5 each. Whats crazy is i have never played them! It was just so cheap that buying games is not a big thing. Wehre as on a console your always spending money out the butt.

blackmagic1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

@ABizzel1 & aCasualGamer
Here is a pc that outclasses the PS4 for $505.

Diamond 7870 -$204
AMD Phenom II 965 - $95
ASrock Motherboard - $55
8Gb Crucial Ballistix RAM - $51
1TB Hard Drive - $70
Case and Power Supply - $30

and my friends play on pc, what's your point?

NioRide1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

My PC is worth roughly 600-700$ right now, It runs GRID 2 on high at 5760x1080 across 3 screens at 60fps.

Come again about how "expensive" gaming rigs are.


Let me know when the Ps4 is capable of doing its own video editing, And I mean complete editing, not recording.

Let me know when i can use photoshop, a touch draw pad, watch a movie while playing a game and having a webpage available to me on the fly.

Let me know when a console lets me use a keyboard/Ps3/360/Wii/Snes/N64 controller on it.

Let me know when the consoles keep backwards cap for the entire life of its models.

Because so far, Everything thing you consider a advantage for console is nothing but one giant disadvantage when it comes to PC. which will always do it better.

Sashamaz1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

State your specs, your PC does not sound like $600-700

Also @blackmagic
Is that GDDR 5 ram?
You did not include an OS
No mouse and keyboard included
Add a touch pad while you are at it
Is there a blu ray drive at 6x speed?

That PC comparison of yours skipped a lot to come down to that price, it will cost a lot more for the PC to match the ps3 in performance especially when you include the fact that the PC has far more happening in the background.

aCasualGamer1970d ago


Isn't the DDR3 worse than GDDR5?

A noob question since i can't tell the difference myself. But that's amazing that you can get a PC rig for $500. I already have a laptop, so i don't want a PC rig.

NioRide1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )


FX-8350 - 180$
6870 - 190$
8GB DDR3 - 50$
1TB drive (1)-50$
970A-DS3 Mobo - 70$
Corsari R400 case - 50$
650w PSU - 40$

Comes out to 630$ after tax.

----------------------------- -------------------

And Sashamaz. The OS can be reinstalled from a previously owned system, Seeing as I have 3 old computers 2 of them have 7 on them, I just use the code and call up MS if there is any problems.

@ both aCasualGamer & Sashamaz
GDDR5 is for graphics cards, and DDR3 is for system memory. GDDR5 is capable of higher speeds but has a higher error rate, this is why its not used for CPU processing, but is fine for graphics processing.

Mouse and keyboard combos can be purchased for 15$

A touch draw bad starts at 50$, that allows you to hook it up and draw with a stylus on programs, touch screen monitors aren't even that expensive anymore either.

And a 12X speed blu ray drive for PC costs 40$

So again, no advantages to the console.

Sashamaz1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Does you PC have an OS, keyboard, mouse, controller? While the specs look pretty similar, I'm pretty sure there is a reason why developers seem to be far more excited but the GDDR 5 ram on the ps4 than they are with the off the shelf 8G as found in the xbox one and most pretty much all that is available to consumers.

Edit: So this touch pad or monitor can you use it effectively for gaming along with what ever you use for playing your games, I have a wacom intuos and while it great for art etc it is not a gaming tool.

NioRide1970d ago


There are games that use them yes.

You could also setup nearly any game to function off a touchepad or touch screen with other overlay programs.

Similar to how its done on android and apple tablet devices.

blackmagic1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )


It has 10GB of memory available to it, 2GB GDDR5 and 8GB of DDR3.

You're right, I sometimes miss things because I am on upgrade cycles. Windows is $100 and an optical drive is $18. There is virtually no benefit to having a blu-ray drive in a PC which reduces to zero benefit if you already own a blu-ray player. Actually, most blu-ray drives read DVDs slower so for pc gaming it would be a detriment.

BUT, what console guys don't get is that pc gamers upgrade their computers, they don't buy new rigs. My pc is about 2 1/2 years old and if I upgraded at the time that the ps4 launches, I wouldn't need to buy a hard drive (I have 3TB + 1 TB + 500GB HDs), RAM (I have 16GB pc2133), motherboard (I have an AM3+ MB), OS (I have Windows 7), case, power supply, optical drive, keyboard, mouse.

Now, let's talk about how much I save by buying games for PC instead of console!

ShinMaster1970d ago

Always trying to prove something. PCs have been around forever and people that have preferred consoles the whole time won't change their mind just because you keep repeating that PCs can be more powerful. We just do not care about building one.

PCs don't have unlimited power. And we should stop pretending that high-end set ups are the standard, when they are the minority.
Everyone's set up is different. While the higher common denominator is PC, the lowest common denominator is ALSO PC.
PC games aren't developed exclusively for high-end hardware and specs only.

metsgaming1970d ago

im no hardware expert and there are many other aspects to the hardware but when comparing gflops the ps4 destroys my pc. Its more than double and we picked the better gpu option when buying it, and its not very old at all. Some people forget most people dont build their own pcs or buy alienware pcs. For those people yes it is the most powerful device they have but not for most people.

NioRide1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

ShinMaster, its not just PC, In the tablet market and phone market come next year the processors in those will be more powerful than what was in the 360 and ps3.

processors like the new Tegra 4 and the snapdragon 800s, which costs very little can capable of playing high resolution games on TV outputs with wireless controllers and multiplayer.

And now that the consoles are using x86 you will see a massive gap between what the consoles ps4/X1 will be doing and what PC is capable of.

As now they have no reason to not max out PC.

Watch this in 1080.

this is on current hardware. And just released. you really think that the ps4/X1 will be capable of such a thing you must be insane.

xPhearR3dx1970d ago


That's not true at all. I've always preferred consoles since the early 90's, that is, until about 5 months ago when I built a gaming PC. I'm having a hard time even turning on any console in my house.

Of course, consoles are great for exclusives, but you'll get much more games out of your PC. Did you know Alan Wake is on Steam for $1.50 right now, and Alan Wake American Nightmare for $1.50? You'll NEVER see console prices that low. I've been able to purchase 3x the amount of games now that I have a PC due to constant sales and cheaper prices for PC games. Best of all, I never have to worry about backwards compatibility, those are my games forever.

Gaming1011970d ago

If you've got a shit ton of money to spend on a ton of PC gaming rigermarole, then have at it!
Meanwhile I'll spend a small fraction of the same price on a PS4 and get a ton of exclusives you can't get anywhere else. Sorry PC gamers! You can't play Last of Us this month, nor can you play Gran Turismo 6 or 7 whenever it comes out on PS4, nor can you play the next Uncharted game, I could go on and on.

ABizzel11969d ago


And you could buy Batman AC for $10 on the PSN sale, and $22 for the Ultimate edition with all the DLC's. So it's not like prices don't drop. I would prefer they drop and stay low like on Steam, but that's developers and publishers knowing that most console gamers have no clue about PC. Most multiplats I get on PC for that sole reason (cheaper, and generally better graphics and run better).

@Black Magic

The CPU, GPU, Motherboard, and HDD are fine.

1. The RAM should be 1866 MHz as it's proven the best price:performance returns for games $15+ (2133MHz offers the best performance $20+, other speeds are negligible). But I won't count this.

2. Optical drive? $20. Or are you making a steambox.

3. That Case and Power supply is AWFUL, and I'm shocked you even mentioned it after looking at it's reviews. The Power Supple is 450W max one look at the reviews state it's consistent run wattage is only around 300W. It's crammed, rattles, rumbles, and there are several complaints about the fan, only 2 SATA connections, wiring, and fitting everything into the case. So I don't see the point of your searching for a cheap $30 Case / PU to try to lower the price if it's going to be a hassle and even worse overheat your system, which you also left out cooling fan which is needed a case this cramped.

4. Case & Power Supply that doesn't suck or run the risk of damaging your PC. $80 ($50 PS, $30 case).

5. OS: $90 (Windows 7)

So that puts the PC up to $665, which more than likely the PS4 is going to be less than ($399 - $499 PS4), and yet that PC is just barley above the PS4 in Raw performance. Pound for pound the PC has the better CPU & GPU, but not RAM. On top of that the difference in power will be unnoticed because games will be optimized for the PS4 while that PC will have to play ports that can be scaled within the range of performance it can produce, but neven optimized.

I was going to use the 7870GHz for my new gaming PC, but when the PS4 was announced there was no need. The console is close enough and should be cheaper, which is why I'm waiting for the UHD cards. On top of that your average consumer doesn't know how to build a PC which is why it'll cost them $700+ to get that same PC. Go into a store and PC's with AMD Trinity APU's are selling in the $500 range, and the PS4 stomps that.

ABizzel11969d ago


"Let me know when the Ps4 is capable of doing its own video editing, And I mean complete editing, not recording. Let me know when i can use photoshop, a touch draw pad, watch a movie while playing a game and having a webpage available to me on the fly."

I said, get a PC especially if you need a specific software. But now you're adding to the price of that PC.

Video Capture: $100 (Hauppauge), unless you meant like true editing software such as Avid which will set you back another $300 - $500 depending on the program. And you'll be able to watch a movie while playing a game (although it's scientifically proven you're really not giving your full attention to both) and surf the web with the PS4 and Xbox One. Now touch draw pad? PS Move or that pad Ubisoft released for the consoles.

"Let me know when a console lets me use a keyboard/Ps3/360/Wii/Snes/N64 controller on it. Let me know when the consoles keep backwards cap for the entire life of its models.

You can PS3 has keyboard and mouse support, blame developers for not using it more, and starting now your games will be in the cloud.

"Because so far, Everything thing you consider a advantage for console is nothing but one giant disadvantage when it comes to PC. which will always do it better."

And congratulations you just turned it from a $665 gaming PC. Into a $765 gaming PC running Windows 7 w. game recording. $890 if you don't know how to build it yourself. And $1,000+ if you're adding Photoshop, Avid, and other editing software to it.

And the PS4 is capable of all of that and besides professional editing (although they do offer picture editing on the PS3, and PS4 supports Video editing). You've moved on from a focus on gaming towards a workstation in an effort to bring down console gaming. That's not an unbiased soul IMO.

NioRide1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )


There is free software for all of that.

So really moot.

And its not being biased in saying that a device that costs a tad bit more is more capable graphically and as a device that is used in daily life.

Not my fault people like you are so blind.

theaceh1969d ago


I wonder if that $800 PC will be capable of running the games the will be released on June 2017. I'm pretty sure PS4 and Xbox One will still be alive and well by then. Thats why Consoles > PC.

blackmagic1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

having accepted some criticism above, I have changed and added to the build. $628 total.

Diamond 7870 -$204
AMD Phenom II 965 - $85
ASrock Motherboard - $55
8Gb G.Skill DDR3 1866 - $68
Samsung 1TB 7200rpm Hard Drive - $50
Samsung 24X DVD Burner - $16
Cooler Master Case and 500W Power Supply - $60
Windows 8 64 bit - $90

With basic 10% anybody can do it overclock that gives the GPU 2.82TFLOPS performance and 185.6 GB/s of bandwidth.

nix1969d ago


if i can buy God of war series, yakuza series, GT series, uncharted series, LBP series (you know where i am getting at) etc... under 5 dollars for PC then i'll move to PC... oh wait.

Dee_911969d ago

well that title isnt obnoxious at all.
I hope when I get my gaming rig I dont turn into one of these elitist.

psyxon1969d ago

As a PC gamer, never argue with PC fanboys lol. They all think they're leet cause they can build a PC that they don't understand how it works. Don't let them talk you into building your own PC, because they read a shitty guide on the internet to guide them through it. PC gaming is amazing, and sure you can get plenty of games for cheap on Steam, but if you enjoy your console, that's all that matters. I enjoy my PC and my PS3, and will be enjoying the PS4.

Some guy said gddr5 has a "higher error rate"? hahahaha. Always brings tears to my eyes when I see kids who have no idea how the PC they just built works lol.

psyxon1969d ago


Man, you probably don't use half the products you're trying to boast PCs can use instead of consoles lol. Game consoles are not PCs, they are computers. Once you learn the difference, you'll understand why your argument makes no sense. It's like trying to argue a PC vs a TV because they both can be used to view video. Dat logic.

BattleAxe1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

"Forget the Xbox One and PS 4 — the most powerful gaming device is your PC"

Can't play Uncharted, God of War, Killzone and The Last of Us on my PC, so I won't be forgetting about the PS4.


Cooler Master makes the ugliest computer cases in the business. Even the HAF looks like shit.

NewMonday1969d ago

when they say PC can be better then the next generation, your rig is not one of them.

icewater851969d ago

One thing people have to remember when buying a PC is the quality of the part. For better quality you will pay a little more which I recommend everyone do if you don't want a faulty or loud part. So for building a PC I say go with the name brands or you will regret it.

ABizzel11969d ago


Ok so obviously you're ignorant and can't comprehend, because for the third time I said,


and after seeing the specs. of your PC I see you're just upset that the PS4 just outclassed the PC you probably just bought last year. It's understandable, but don't blame Sony for that.

And once again yes the @blackmagic listed is more powerful than the PS4 in raw specs. (disregarding RAM), but again games will always be optimized for the PS4 and rarely for the 7870 GHz which is why the difference in performance will be negligible.


That's more like it :D

It's a solid gaming PC, but again there's really no need for someone who's consider themselves a multi-platform gamer (such as myself) to get a PC that's on par or slightly above the new consoles. Right now the GTX 770, 780, and whatever AMD brings for next year are the step up from consoles that PC gamers should be looking at. Otherwise get get a console, unless you're a PC only gamer.

Once again I was planning on getting a 7870 for my PC, and eventually getting another 7870 for Xfire. But now I want something with a bit more power.


Actually I use Avid on my PC which is why I listed it. I do music and video editing and have been doing it for years, and have a professional carrer (actual employment, and get a check every week) as an Audio Engineer (both live and studio) and Video Editing.


Ok nevermind I didn't see the @NioRide after that. I was about to get with you. :D sorry.

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Hellsvacancy1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I was going to say the same. I have played some games on my Acer 5742Z, played and finished the StarCraft 2 campaign, Manhunt 2 uncut, thats about it though

I wont ever spend £330 on a laptop again, I shall buy a desktop PC next time, I would like to play the Arma games, and Starcraft 2 with better settings

MariaHelFutura1970d ago

All my favorite developers are owned by Sony, so I'm good w/ the PS4.

ATi_Elite1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

PC Gaming is a WHOLE different Gaming World So do NOT compare it to console gaming. As a PC Gamer I totally understand the difference and HATE seeing my Glorious Custom PC Gaming Experience lumped in with those ONE SIZE fits all consoles.

1080p 3D on ULtra @ 60 fps Triple Screen Gaming with PERIPHERAL VIEW is the BEST and so far I haven't heard anything about Multiple screen Gaming on Next Gen systems.

we have our OWN Exclusives which is a list that's 2 miles long plus at any time we can enjoy 90% of ALL console Games. (98% if you have a PS3 Emulator running like I do)

Power, Customization, flexibility, Bleeding edge tech, games NOT possible on consoles, The PC is the God of Gaming and it DOES NOT require 24/7/365 advertisement to brainwash Gamers into buying games that are only worth RENTING like consoles do.

8 hour Gameplay, then pay $5 for more DLC, SCREW THAT. Most PC Games are 40 to 100 hours and that's before the MODS make them even more Valuable.

This Gen the new Consoles are OUTDATED even before launch and 8 months after launch Tablets will be MORE powerful than the XboxOne/PS4. Doubt me then just save this post and see.

Sure Cloud Based Graphics intertwined with local Rendering will help the Consoles but at what PRICE to Gamers? $70 Games to offset Cloud Gaming Bandwidth.

I myself am looking forward to MORE advances in Cloud Base Gaming and can't wait till MORE Devs use the CLoud to ENHANCE Locally Rendered Games. Smarter A.I. on Consoles along with a higher NPC count is DEFINITELY some features I'm looking forward to on consoles that I ALREADY enjoy on PC and maybe the CLoud can help the consoles achieve that.

Consoles Whole strategy has shifted to "Just copy the PC and run with it"! F2P, Mictotransactions, MMO's, HDD, Game installs, blah blah blah so are YOU really a console gamer or are you a PC Gamer on a LEASH cause consoles really do not exist anymore.

So Sony/MS will offer great things for Console Gamers but it will be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that PC Gamers haven't already been enjoying.

This Gen the PC has evolved way too far ahead for the Consoles to catch up like Last Gen where consoles had a 6 month advantage before being CRUSHED for 7 years.

HDMI, DVI, VGA means your PC can connect to any TV so I'm sure this thread will be filled with MORONS saying that PC's can't game from the couch CRAP cause I play most of my Multiplats on my HTPC while sitting on MY COUCH.

Having friends over to play: LAN party end of story! 2 to an Unlimited amount of PC's all in the same Room, Gym, Arena, Stadium, etc. Gaming, socializing, and enjoying live entertainment while watching on screens or on a Jumbo Tron beats you playing with your buddy sitting on your Moms couch.

Best Online Experience: PC Hands down! Dedicated Servers with Admins ensures NO CHEATERS and NO LAG.

finally Cloud Based Gaming, Hawken PC is already doing it.

Kinect can be used for the PC and I see great things for Kinect other than RAIL GAMES and those uses will be ALL available for the PC.

Use ANY controller and I mean ANY CONTROLLER on the PC.

SO for COMPLETE Gaming Control and a tailored Gaming Experience go PC but Consoles are fun too.

davidj881970d ago

tl:dr but i'm assuming blah blah blah PC is better blah blah.

Truth is i'd happily keep buying consoles just to annoy people like you, do yourself a favor and be happy that console gaming has raised the bar, not graphically, not technologically but commercially which in turn boosts revenue to the industry and allows everyone to enjoy a great form on entertainment that's grow to the level it has (because of consoles).

So for all the talk of ''PC is better'' just remember that as much as games are made using PC's...the majority are made for consoles.

I play on consoles because i want to play games....if i wanted to play specifications i wouldn't call myself a gamer.

AliTheSnake11970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Did you just say PS3 Emulator ? haha that's where I stopped reading, And realized that everything else is out of your ass.
There is no such thing.(and won't be any time soon, since ps3 has a cell processor)
we're still working on reliable PS2 emulation
You know you remind me of that guy with the luxury fast car who brags about it all over the place. But can't even move it a half block in the winter time. Only difference between you and him is that he has a life and you don't. Sorry bud. Now take a look at the mirror,carve that PC of yours real nice,turn it sideways, and stick it where the sun don't shine.

Kurylo3d1970d ago


If you buy a console just to make someone on the internet who likes pcs better mad, well then... good luck to you .. have fun with that lol. Your the only one who looks like an idiot here.

davidj881970d ago


Clearly you took that a little too literal as it was to be taken with a pinch of salt...wouldn't surprise me if you were the only ''idiot'' to not get it but i'm sorry if what i wrote in some way upset you lol

I'll reiterate what i stated at the end.
''I play on consoles because i want to play games....if i wanted to play specifications i wouldn't call myself a gamer.'' To clarify for you i don't buy consoles to upset people, i buy them to play games.

I just hope you can comprehend the terminology i'm using as i don't have all night to explain everything to you.

papashango1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

uhhhh I just raised my eyebrow at ps3 emulator and lo and behold

random youtube video shows a dude playing uncharted 3 on pc

god of war 3

humbleopinion1968d ago

You haven't heard about multiple screens gaming on next gen systems? How about Forza on current gen systems?
The game supports more screens than my Radeon 7970.
Gaming on the PC is nice and all, but it's still a shitload of money: I paid over 1000$ for my extremely high end PC less than 7 years ago, and while it blasted out my X360 back in the day, it no longer plays latest 2013 games which my console can handle easily - even when lowering the resolution to less than the 720P console output. PC games are just badly optimized: I had to shell out over 1000$ more for another PC which will probably once again not outlast the next console generation.
I have the money, but for people who don't, what's the point? a 1000$ PC which doesn't even outlast a (back then) 300$ console? Do you have any idea how many console games you can by for 700$ if you know how to look for good deals?
My average console game (excluding digital downloads) is 20$ not to mention games I can trade with friends (something you can't do with PC games thanks to Steam tying them you your acoount - and soon enough with the Xbox one since MS took a lesson or two from Valve).
Playing with the comfort of a hugh ass TV is also a pain with PC games: Many games I prefer not to play with a desktop monitor, since even my 27" Dell is not close to how good the game feels on a large TV. But guess what: I also launch up PC games on TV, and many of them simply don't have proper controller support - even console. WTF? Does it look like I wish to hold a keyboard on my lap playing a cover based 3rd person RPG!? And crappy gamepad->mouse hacks are not the answer.
And don't even get me started on local co-op: want to play a 2 player game on your PC with friends in split/shared? You simply can't. Go ahead and buy two copies of the game, and two PCs that can actually run it, and 2 screens. Why? Simply because you're blocked from doing it.
And not only PC gamers miss on the top exclusives from both Microsoft and Sony, but also on games which are out for consoles and don't make the port to the PC. I mean imagine going past this generation without having the ability to experience Red Dead Redemption!? This game alone trumps any exclusive experience the PC has to offer.
If you're a hack&slash fan or JRPG fan you're basically screwed: No Castlevania, no Dante's Inferno, no Enslaved, no Final Fantasy XIII, No Dragon's Dogma, nothing from Platinum Games. Not to mention being late to the party: GTA V which is arguably the biggest game you're going to get this year is late for the PC (it's not even officially announced). Why do PC owners have to wait and pay full price at the point where people with consoles will be able to fetch it for less than 20$ from the bargain bin?
Online on PC is also shoddy: no proper matchmaking system and no banhammer to frighten off cheaters and block them from the service (other than Valve Anti-Cheat which is not employed in most games) practically means a glichy online experience in most games
Sure, PC has it's share of exclusives - especially if you're into RTS games since about 90% of them are only on the PC. But the PC doesn't have much more to counter the consoles: even on the Indie front, Microsoft and Sony are both snatching the top indie talent to develop first and foremost for consoles, and at the same time other talented and original developers are shifting platforms with their creative vision to tablet.
The PC is practically left with RTS games, F2P (actually P2Y) MMO games, emulating old consoles... and Excel spreadsheets.

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8831970d ago

C'mon, didn't anybody tell you that games are at their very best when you get to focus on screwing around with sliders, thinking about your optimal settings (test, nope, let's try this-- I got it, oooh, frame rate dropped there, let's change that). Plus, you can download those new drivers, see what type of performance increase you got, rinse and repeat. Gaming is infinitely superior when you don't have to worry about noticing plot holes and you can just "play with your hardware" so to speak, you know, instead of those games. The hardware is a game in itself! Yee haw.

Plus, with a PC you can mentally masturbate yourself about your specs while you secretly know the only way MOST of the games will use A FRACTION of that power for a long time to come is if you crank the resolution to the levels you think you need when you are sitting 2 feet from the screen and/or crank up settings that use 10 times the computational power to yield a 1 1/2 fold increase in visual splendor. You can be the big man with that mostly un-used power because that's right, you KNOW YOU HAVE IT. IT'S YOURS!

Yea, good thing we can all own the most powerful gaming option. Good thing we don't all HAVE TO choose it exclusively for our gaming too.

VaporCell1970d ago

It's funny that when you look around the forums all you see on the PC section is:
guys will my PC run this game? My specs are etc...
seriously? I play on Consoles because I like playing with people I know in real life ! As of now I find people owning a console vastly outnumber PC gamers, and even so those PC gamers still own a console.
As for cheapness I rented Bioshock Infinite for my PS3 for 3 days for only $5 ! Enough time for me to beat it and be done with it...
You can see on youtube how SC2 players lower gfx settings in order to recognize units better. They are prioritizing gameplay over graphics!

Urusernamesucks1970d ago

lol,How... how do you play local co-op on that?

murdock551970d ago


Now every console gamer always hears some PC dough yelling PC THE MASTERRACE! On every xbone/ps4 forum/vid. What makes PC gamers so cocky? Well better graphics of course. DUHHHH. PC can contently upgrade their hardware at anytime when ever there’s a new graphic card that releases. But what PC gamers don’t know is that graphics is not everything. To tell you the truth graphics and moding is the only thing that PC have over consoles. But what people don’t know is that consoles are created for other purposes other then media. Yeah!

I know I know I sound like a ps4 lover. Well yeah I am. I have been kicking it with PS since Ps1 baby. But im not just talking about playstation AKA Lover, im talking about all home consoles every console out there and handheld gaming devices. Without these devices there will be no Gamestop! (p.s I don’t work at gamestop, never had.) If everyone switched to PC gaming gamestop will be useless no purpose what so ever so Game stop will go out of business and that will leave people jobless. That’s one huge purpose for home gaming right there but not the last.

Home gaming makes more revenue then PC gamers! True there’s more console gamers out there then PC gamers. (its hard to get my fine GF on a PC game then my PS3, hints” I love my couch, I don’t want to move from my love boat!,” “I cant stand this F*cking keyboard WTF!,” “WTF YOU TELLING ME I CANT SELL MY F*CKING GAME ON THIS SH*T,” I DON’T KNOW SH*T ABOUT HOW TO INSTALL F*CKING GRAPHIC CARD, CALL NERD SQAUD!”). (these are the actual words from my GF. and yeah she has a dirty mouth J) But console gaming alone makes more revenue then the music industries and movie industries and PC gamers need to know that. The developers know this and Sony/Nintendo (Im leaving Microsoft out of this :P).
console gaming is for easy access gaming. turn on and play. while PC gamers waiting for windows to load………. im not hating on my PC gamers im hating on this whole PC masterrace thing. sounds like a KKK rally. but console gaming is and always will be more fun to play. Ps move Wii connect and that Booty a** Kinect . face it home consoles are the only device in you house that you can play with when your friends come over. (like come on PC is only for 1 player. with you’re lonely a**)

now after I stated my opinion I just made PC gamers sounds like some jealous haters. (drink your hater aid)

PC gamers are just haters! they hate that most fine girls play ps4/ Nintendo and that dog in heat Xbone who’s to hot to know the difference between a VHS tape and a CD.

P.s im just a regular guy texting my opinion on my regular phone defending my console gamers.

Mini05101970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

You need to chill the f out.
The article made some decent points. Some people here made some good points here as well.

I'm a PC gamer. Feel free to hate the ones who bash on consoles. But don't put hate on every PC gamer. Same idea as racism. You can hate a specific individual, but you shouldn't hate a race because you probably haven't met every single individual being of that race.

murdock551970d ago


how the hell do you get to someone skin color? i didnt even say anything about skin color

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yugovega1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

You don't know the power of the dark side.

but if I remember correctly the light side had less power but always came out on top with more substance. just a thought.

MasterCornholio1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

But PCs are not powerful enough to emulate next gen hardware which is why gamers will continue to buy those console for their exclusives.

Edit: I have an Ultrabook so i dont game on PCs at all but i might get that console like Alienware just to play Guild Wars 2. And yes i want an alien ware because the device has a really sweet form factor and im willing to pay for it.

adorie1970d ago

It will be very interesting to see how the next gen systems will be "emulated" since both are x86

twinspectre1970d ago


NameRemoved00171970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

It will probably get emulated before the xbox 360/ps4. Literally the consoles this gen are as good as cheap amd gaming pcs.

MegaMohsi1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

hmmm good article, the PC is obviously the most powerful gaming device out there, should you be able to afford the mid range Nvidia/AMD GPU's and quad core Intel/AMD CPU's. Those who don't want to invest in that, a PS4/Xbox One is more than enough for them. I personally prefer PC gaming, just being at the forefront of CPU and GPU technology is a must for me.

I will be buying a PS4 as well though because killzone infamous god of war and uncharted can't be played on PC even with a GTX Titan

Shad0wRunner1970d ago

Yeah, if you wanna invest $1,500+ or more into your PC...knock yourself out. I'd rather settle for a $500 console, myself.

CaEsAr-1970d ago

Not to mention the breath taking experiences that you cannot find anywhere else, like TLOU, GoW, Uncharted.. just to name a few!

Saryk1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

My PC (everything) was only $800. And when I say everything, I mean OS and monitor,keyboard and mouse.

Thats a I5 3570K and a 7870 GPU, 1 TB HD, 16 gigs of ram.

And this computer can play EVERYTHING on MAX at my res!

@ aCasualGamer

PC has way more exclusives and plus Remember pC may get PS4 and Xbox one games

aCasualGamer1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

That's nice and all... but $500 with all the console AAA titles that don't come out on PC sounds better IMO. The reason i'm buying a PS4 is because of the devs making games exclusively for PS4 such as Quantic Dream, Naughtydog, Santa Monica Studios, Sucker Punch, Evolution Studios etc etc.


Yes, PC may have MORE exclusives but PC doesn't have THE exclusives that i am interested in, there is a difference.

NameRemoved00171970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Pc gets more exclusives than the xbox and ps4 will combined and they are actually quality games that are brand new not another gears of war or halo. Stop lying to yourself every multiplatform is on pc, its usually a lot cheaper and it looks much better.

Do what anyone with a brain does and buy a PS4 and a PC. Play all the multiplats on your pc and only eclusives on the ps4

aCasualGamer1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Haven't seen a PC exclusive that comes near the quality of Uncharted, God of War and Gran Turismo. Stop with your delusional hype. Yes, if you can afford a PC gaming rig.. that's fine, but don't tell me it's "the true ultimate way of gaming", it's not. I don't need a PC gaming rig to play Simcity or Civilization, i can do that on my laptop. I don't play MMO's. Now tell me why should i buy a PC gaming rig instead of PS4?

PS4 has great power(not like thousand dollar PCs but still) and the devs to back it up.

Mikeyy1970d ago

$800, I call bullshit

I5 3570k = $214
AMD 7870 = $215
1TB HDD = $80
Windows 8 = $100
Budget PSU (Risky) = $100
16GB RAM = $130

Thats $840 spent already, and we still need a Case, Optical Drive, Monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Mini05101970d ago

It's not about the quantity of exclusives. It's about what exclusives you like. Some people like all of them. That's why they have xbox and ps3

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-MD-1970d ago

$1500 lol, you're so uninformed it hurts. You could build something that crushes any console for $650.

JonnyBigBoss1969d ago

A $500 PC is better than a $500 console.

Way to make up random numbers.

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