Review: Thunder Wolves (DarkZero)

"This may sound like a stereotypical male, but man, I love explosions. Thankfully, loving explosions won’t get me into trouble in a virtual world. If there was one period that promoted the enjoyment of explosions, it was most likely the 80s. We've had a bit of a resurgence with explosive action flicks, with the likes of The Expendables, The A-Team and Predators all tapping into peoples’ enjoyment of such over-the-top action. The developers at Most Wanted Entertainment seem to be such fans of action and booms, as Thunder Wolves, which sounds like a title ripped straight from the 8-bit era (I can’t believe a game didn't exist with this name back then), is nothing but the mayhem of raining down volleys of missiles, rockets and machine gun fire from a helicopter and laughing at the sight of the flames of destruction created to satisfy your pyromaniac tendencies." (DarkZero)

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