Intel's Larrabee To Combat Nvidia, ATI In PC Game GPU Market

Intel recently held a key press briefing in San Francisco on its upcoming processor architecture, discussing several of its current and upcoming technologies, including its upcoming Larrabee graphics tech (due in 2009-2010), which has significant ramifications for PC gaming.

Patrick P. Gelsinger, senior vice president and general manager, digital enterprise group, delivered the presentation and took questions from the media gathered there as well as over the phone.

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Fux4Bux3952d ago

It'll be interesting to see what happens with this. My guess is they're either way behind ATI/Nvidia or make some ridiculous awesome advancement.

gEnKiE3952d ago

I'm still behind nvidia, but it will be interesting to see this. Never cared too much for Intel processors but they have been outing AMD with their quad-core processors so who knows....I still have faith in AMD too.

Strife Lives3952d ago

They want to be involved in the next xbox and playstation so badly lol maybe in an xbox? Msft,dnt thnk they'l go there. Neither will, nintendo maybe?

DeadlyFire3951d ago

I can't wait for Intel to step into the graphics war. If their GPU's performance is anything like what their Core 2 line-up has done to AMD then I will be happy.