Five Things That Sony Should and Shouldn't Do at E3 2013

Push Square: "In a little over ten days, the gaming industry will descend on Los Angeles for this year’s E3 – the most important exposition in interactive entertainment. While the convention itself is undeniably the hottest attraction – quite literally, or so we’re told – it’s the pre-show press conferences that ordinarily bring the biggest surprises. With new consoles on the horizon, this year’s round of corporate back patting looks poised to be most important in excess of a half decade. But as Sony and Microsoft prepare for a console clash of the titans, what does the Japanese giant need to do to ensure that its press conference delivers without a hitch?"

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Irishguy951965d ago

Versus simply needs to show imo

FamilyGuy1965d ago

This article says not to show family friendly games and I think that would be a huge mistake. The Sony platform is home of a very wide variety of games, genres for anyone in the family and they should continue to show that. I'm not saying dedicate 30mins to some super casual title but they definitely shouldn't completely ignore them. Even if they only spend 5 minutes showing one off. Some of us need reasons (excuses) to buy the PS4 as a family friendly device.

I think they'll nail E3 regardless of what they decide to do. They've been getting a lot right recently so hopefully the trend continues.

I'm also hoping they show a proper amount of love to the Vita. It's still a brand new system and needs all the support it can get if it's expected to survive. PS4 remote play is a huge bonus but some exclusive Vita titles will really make it shine.

PigPen1965d ago

I agree, Sony needs to open up to casuals if they want to sell more consoles like the PS2.

Ult iMate1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Well, at least they have Knack from Cerny, the guy who created Crash and Spyro.
That's one of the main games for me to buy a PS4 (inFamous is the other).

Sono4211964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I agree with almost the whole article except the part where they said Sony should talk less.. and then they go a praise Microsoft for not talking to much? Um... that's the whole reason there's all these unanswered questions about the Xbox One that aren't exactly putting them in the brightest light.. They didn't talk enough!

Also I actually didn't mind all the talking at the PS4 reveal because they were talking about things I was interested in.. like the console... and GAMES. Microsoft take note ;)

Why o why1965d ago

Shouldn't show more non gaming features than gaming features

betan211965d ago

show Release date and gamesplay for all ps4 lunch games ect.

FamilyGuy1965d ago

That would be great, exact release dates would make the conference perfect.

ABizzel11965d ago


Correction PS4 launch games and up until E3 2014.

ArnoldSchwarzenigra1965d ago

Do the opposite of what Microsoft did with their reveal and Sony is on to a win.

Godmars2901965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

They have to give some time to the PS3 and Vita. More so if they have any plans to do PS1/PS2/PS3 BC via cloud.

Letting a dev go on and on and on about how you should feel about their game? That needs to stop.

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