The Throwdown #40

•PS3 officially beats out Xbox 360 this gen.
•Kaz Hirai says that PS4 is for gamers
•Most PS4 games will have Vita remote play
•Gamers demand PS4 be DRM free
•PS employees respond to DRM campaign
•Sony thinking of splitting company into two separate companies.
•Xbox region lock silliness
•MS plans to sell 400 million to 1 billion Xbox Ones in its lifecycle
•You can turn the Xbox One completely off
•Xbox One will support indie games
•Kevin Conroy will be in a Batman: Arkham game but NOT Origins
•EA making games for Wii U after all
•EA removes online passes from existing games
•Without Used Games, Publishers Would Need To Slash Prices To Stay Afloat
•New Legacy Of Kain coming?

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LOGICWINS1992d ago

Ima give Warzone 201 a listen before I get to this. Its the Xbox One episode so insanity was expected lol.