6 Hidden Glitches That Make Famous Video Games Way Better

It doesn't matter how good the graphics get or how many screens, touch pads, and penis holes they add to the controllers: Video games will always have glitches, and we'll always think that some of them are hilarious.We hope that some day we can make a mistake that will bring a stranger as much joy as these six glitches brought us ...

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annus3592d ago

Surprised GTA IV's swing glitch didn't make it into that. I thought it was one of the more famous glitches, especially since it was so easy to replicate it.

GdaTyler3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

First thing that came to my mind. I keep going at it for hours, it is so damn fun! As a matter of fact I did this last week just to see how far the cars would fly. I once got to the other half of the island while doing this.

icecoldfire3590d ago

Connor Chronic Mastubator!?!?! One the most enjoyable glitches for modern games ever.