PS4 & Xbox One: BF4 Designer Thinks Gen4 Belongs To Sony, John Carmack Remains Neutral

"It’s no surprise that Microsoft got the wrath of gamers for showing no gameplay footage and once again heavily emphasizing on Kinect and Xbox One’s multimedia and social capabilities. The only thing they did right was showing the box itself. Sony on the other hand showed off the games, the technicalities behind the PS4 architecture but not the console itself."

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KrisButtar1964d ago

EA employees are the only ones saying "GEN4" does this have to do with game engines or something else? EA themselves have been making games for more than 4 gens.. so whats it mean

a_bro1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Gen4 means, the 4th generation of 3D gaming.

before PS1/N64/Saturn, it was all about 2D gaming.



-Gen 3


2pacalypsenow1964d ago

The 3d Generation started with Wolfenstein 3D in 1992

a_bro1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

it varies at the end of the day, PC did 3D in those early times (obviously), and so did the SNES with its FX chip.

i guess when you put it into perspective, it just means that it was the first time Game Developers went into full time development of 3D games because consoles now had the power to push for 3d graphics.

KrisButtar1964d ago

ah, 3D gaming didn't even cross my mind. bubble up helpful

MysticStrummer1964d ago

@2pacalypsenow - Wolfenstein 3D wasn't true 3D. Neither was Doom or Doom 2.

AnotherProGamer1964d ago

@2pacalypsenow actually Wolfenstein 3D was 2D in a first person view.

koolaid2511964d ago

I thought that we were on the 8th generation lol

1963d ago
Ju1963d ago

Interestingly, when EA talks about Gen4, the WiiU is usually not included.

I'm not really sure what the criteria is, but I'd rather describe this as "technology level" and I don't know what they think Gen1 is, Gen3 is PS3/360/Wii. Gen4 is PS4/One. The WiiU falls somewhere inbetween but is still counted as Gen3 - simply because of its performance target which is closer to PS360. This describes it quite well, actually. Performance Target.

So, with Gen4 they target a different level of technology mostly defined how you can work with assets, memory and compute resources. More memory, more CPU performance, more compute (which is a fundamental change now). If you will you can use the "GenX" as a performance and technology classification.

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Enemy1964d ago

PS1 gen
PS2 gen
PS3 gen
PS4 gen

Blackdeath_6631964d ago

now that you mention it that's kind of true, ps1 and ps2 were huge successes without a doubt and all things considering despite launching later the ps3 didn't do too bad either. GEN2 was by far my favourite though

Foliage1964d ago

"The next generation doesn't start until we [Sony] say it does."

4 generations running now...

miyamoto1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )



i use my PC to charge my DS3

TrickishDcnc1963d ago

It sounds weird if you do it with the Xbox lol

Xbox Gen
Xbox360 gen
Xbox1/one gen

Maybe its a sign of what to expect MS have gone back in time and made a console with ps1 graphics for games so they can maintain the XBONE's media player image. Just kidding before anybody takes it seriously.

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ijust2good1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

So i'm guessing PS4 is the preferred leading console for the BF4 devs, as far as next gen consoles are concerned. Just as PS3 was for BF3 when they first showcased PS3 version first on consoles.

I'm surprised John Carnack is happy with the specs since he has always been talking about bringing more state of the art power for future consoles. Next Gen specs are not exactly state of the art of today.

@Enemy yeh GDDR5 will be a huge reason why PS4 could easily be better to develop and add to that the specs are supposedly better but it doesn't change the fact that its no state of the art as a whole.

PS4 has 1.8 TFLOPS of computational power.
GTX TITAN has 4.5 TFLOPS of computational power.
Radeon 7990(GPU that BF4 was showcased) has 8.1 TFLOPS of computational power.

So PS4 is hardly state of the art but i'm sure it do fine as a console and i will likely get it.

Enemy1964d ago

With all that GDDR5 RAM they have access to, it's hard not to come out with such claims.

It's also worth noting that Microsoft prefers COD.

ChiaPet1964d ago

Battlefield Devs seem to think that Sony is going to win next gen.
But it doesn't mean that they think the game is better on PS4. Don't jump to conclusions

Blackdeath_6631964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

well the titan (JUST the video card) cost probably twice as much as the ps4. last time sony tried to release a console at a higher price point they got slammed for it. console gaming is all about being affordable and accessible to the mainstream/layman. again i said this before when people make such comments like next gen consoles are "state of the art" and are "superior to pc's" i always assume they are comparing them to pc's that cost the same as the console. try and build a gaming pc that costs the same as ps4/XBone then you will see that yes indeed next gen consoles are impressive.

my pc ( i5 3570k. asus p8z77-v LK,8GB kingston hyperx ddr3 ram,500gb WD Blue HDD,keyboard+mouse,bitfenix shinobi case) very average not at all amazing cost me around £480 and that is without the video card. now if i buy the same GPU that presumably will power the ps4 which i plan on doing the saphire HD7850 2GB Gddr5 that would cost me another £154. so around £634 overall or $963 there is no way a console would cost that much

psyxon1964d ago

another kid with no clue about how game consoles work, or how they're designed lol.

elhebbo161964d ago

I hope PC is. no offense but its always better to start from the top. that way everyone is satisfied.

Tultras1964d ago

8.1Teraflops was chosen to showcase BF4, since the footage was alpha footage, I believe? It is unstable and in a very preliminary stage, with many hiccups, they give that amount of power to make sure that the unstable code runs smoothly.

Bf4 won't require a GPU which runs at 8.1TF, use common sense man.



I belive that Carmack is happy more because those consoles are PC code friendly than for pure power.


And that's exactly why Carmack is happy.

The thing is, as long as those consoles support codes very similar to PC, you can scale it to each platform, you don't need to worry (so much - there's still some limitations, but not even close to current gen) about lowest common denominator and just make your game as good you think you can, lowering assets to fit weaker hardware.

For multiplatform PC oriented devs like Carmack (and many others) it's the ideal situation, I would even say PC code friendly comes before state of the art hardware as this will get a hit after some years anyway, but as long as you can scale you can keep your development strategy.

Sashamaz1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

GTX Titan/ Radeo 7990, for standalone graphics cards that cost 1k they better be fu*kin state of the art.

The irony of it all is that while PC has the best graphics, it also is the lowest common denominator, How many PC gamers have a GTX 690 or any of the gpus that you are always bringing up. PC gamers that buy gpus such as the 7990 are in the minority, most of them aren't even gamers, they are just benchmark addicts who needlessly upgrade their PCs year on year just to get that 10 fps more.

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S2Killinit1964d ago

maybe its EA's 4th generation? Didn't they start up with licenses for professional sports on the Playstation1?

KrisButtar1964d ago

No they had the NHL games back in the SNES/Genesis era, licensesd by the NHLPA. not sure about there other sports titles

DOMination-1964d ago

They started off making paint programs and utilities for the amiga in the 80s, hence their name.

mixelon1963d ago

DOMination got there first, but EAs first big title was Deluxe Paint for Amiga, which was at the time one of, if not the best 2d art package of the 80s. Then they made games for A load if 16bit consoles and computers.

TBH I miss the EA of those days.

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Kakashi Hatake1964d ago

PS4 listed first, didn't see that coming.

Mounce1963d ago

What I'm more concerned is - I didn't think people still gave a shit about what Carmack thinks or says ever since he let everyone down and has shown that 'id' is not up to the gaming level anymore since of 'RAGE'

He talks shit and takes sides and says Some smart stuff, some stupid shit just like anyone else, even Cliffy B. People still at least listen to Cliffy.

kingmushroom1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

the Xbox one being a high tech console for what their trying to sell you still needs batteries on the control LMAO

Enemy1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Not sure if serious about batteries.

Edit: Wait you're serious?

GamersHeaven1964d ago

He is serious sadly they will still be using batteries.

T21964d ago

Not true they will gladly sell you proprietary battery packs lol

koolaid2511964d ago

So Sony has created a new energy source for the ps4 controller that last forever lol

DOMination-1964d ago

Whereas if the battery dies on the ps4 controller you have no choice but to buy a whole new dualshock. On the xbox you just replace the rechargeable battery pack for 4.99. Clearly thats better.

Everyone hates apple for this sealed battery practise. I don't understand why suddenly its amazing when Sony do it.

Septic1963d ago

^^ What he said.

It's not a big deal at all. In fact, I prefer it that way. One thing I hate about my HTC One X is the fact that the battery is integrated. It sucks.....

At least the X1 controller will always be wireless as opposed requiring to be plugged in when the charge is low.

Also, it's a Damn sight better than buying a brand new controller if the battery dies.

TKCMuzzer1963d ago

Are you sure, if they are like the Dual shock 3 then replacing a dead battery is very easy. Unscrew the back, remove old battery, replace with new one. Even better, the batteries in my dual shock 3's cost £3 of ebay and last twice as long.

On another note. My original batteries in my dual shock 3's were going strong after 5 years, I just wanted to see if I could put better ones in.........and I could, bonus.

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RiPPn1964d ago

I actually prefer the batteries being removable. On the PS3 I need to have a second controller so one can charge while using the other. With The 360 controller, just slap in some eneloop rechargeables and good to go, and eneloops charge last a long time.

So I'll be getting an Xbox One controller for my PC and an extra Dualshock 4 to go with my PS4. :)

T21964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

you have never heard of usb cables ? I even charge my headset while playing ... But who doesnt also have two controllers ? prefer to spend another 50 dollars on batteries to go with all the other ms added fees ? No thank s ... The best is when you dont have any batteries then its game over ... Hate that

ShwankyShpanky1964d ago

There are also a number of relatively stylish 3rd party charge stands that will charge controllers while the PS3 is off.

I've got one of these (living room):

And one of these (bedroom PSphat):

SoapShoes1964d ago

They have official and 3rd party controller docks. I have the Sony made ones and never have to worry about that. Also the problem will be nullified for PS4 since controllers will charge regardless if the system is on.

ShwankyShpanky1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

The one official charging station on the PlayStation site is nice; I just got that Energizer one as an impulse buy on sale for like $20 a while back.

I do prefer that DreamGear stand for the slim over anything Sony's officially offering, though.

Edit: as for the PS4 controllers... it's a touch irritating that they went from mini-USB to micro-USB. I've got 12ft mini-USB cables if I need them, but only a couple 2-3ft micro-USB cables (I'm sure the PS4 will come with one). The switch to micro gains what... 1/32" of space? Bah.

psyxon1964d ago this kid didn't have a ps3. just stop.

TronEOL1964d ago

Or instead of buying batteries, you could always just use a regular mini-USB cord to charge your Dualshock. Anyone with a PC/Laptop/Camera should have at least 1 decently lengthed mini-USB cord.

That, or you could do as you say and continuously buy new batteries, or pay for Microsoft's Xbox exclusive Gamepad cord, that you can't use on anything but that single controller.

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falviousuk1964d ago

The ridiculous short sightedness of Sony, a huge world wide company, to not put a removeable, and user serviceable battery into their gamepad, instead having its user replace the entire pad when the battery finally dies.

frelyler1964d ago

I would not call it short sighted, it's more like a smart business move. More money in their pocket because you have to get a whole new controller. That being said, I have had mine for six years and it still works perfectly fine. Not to mention they charge incredibly fast and it lasts a very long time as well. It's fully charged in less than 20 mins. I would say your comment is short sighted, not Sony.

falviousuk1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )


perhaps i should have used the /s for my post. As it was meant as a ridiculous aside to the post i was replying to. The amount of ridiculous comments in this website aimed at the new xbox one and the previous xobx 360 are monumental to the stupidity of the people on here.

And tkaing what you said that it was a shrewed business move for Sony so that they could make money, if this was turned around and it was Ms that wa doing this, you can bet the normal trolls on here would be all over that as per normal.

T21964d ago

@falvio - I saw that you were sarcastic but still unsure what part ? I have Sony controllers 6 years old that never " finally died" six in all not one died ,
How hard is it to find a usb cable ?

N311V1964d ago

I much prefer the inbuilt battery of the dual shock 4. My original controllers (5 years old) are still going strong, no noticeable drop in play time per charge whatsoever nor have I ever heard of people replacing controllers due to a dead battery.

JBallerX1964d ago

I agree with you falviousuk. This site is filled with people who have such a hatred for MS it's crazy. I don't understand how people comment the way they do on this site. If you say anything positive about MS you get disagrees and ridiculed. However, positive Sony comments get agrees and praises. I wonder why some people are so hostile towards MS...just play whatever system you want and let everyone else play what they want and leave them alone.

Oh_Yeah1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Those batteries last (still haven't had a dual shock go bad on me all gen) even if they do all you have to do is take the controller apart and replace the battery, which can be found on eBay for under 10 bucks.

SpinalRemains1964d ago

Way to spin using 80s tech.

My launch sixaxis still works fine. Batteries are for tv remotes. Now you have a family of those tv controllers. Your tv controller has the best triggers too.

TronEOL1964d ago

I actually see where you're coming from. That's only if you mean a replaceable Lithium-ion battery pack that also comes standard with the Dualshock 4.

But honestly, I haven't had to replace a single gamepad since the Dualshock 3 first released, and don't have an issue with the battery life. Especially since I almost always have my ~8 foot mini-USB cable around.

S2Killinit1964d ago

your kidding or being sarcastic? I've had my PS2 controllers and they still work after what? I don't even know anymore. But to say it's shortsighted? hmmmmmm especially when the alternative company is putting AA batteries in their controllers, and then you would have to pay for rechargeable 21st century batteries if you want them.

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SegaSaturn6691964d ago

Battlefield is a solid game. I don't really want to acknowledge that it's EA. SEPARATE NOW! DICE!

Kakashi Hatake1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Lol @ Carmack, he's so biased to MS. It's well known that 360 was the machine that was easier to develop for this gen and he had no problem pointing that out. Now that the tables have turned and PS4 has almost double the FLOPS,50 percent more powerful graphics architecture, he's neutral. Typical.

Enemy1964d ago

I wonder how much TV John Carmack watches.

cyhm31121964d ago

this is exactly what i thought, Carmack, lol.

jetlian1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Ps3 was suppose to be 2 times the 360 and that wasn't the case. Ps2 was suppose to have 55 million polygons and it was more like 7-9.

The first MP games will tell it all.

MRMagoo1231964d ago

Yes it will tell us if the devs can be arsed using the more power of the ps4 or whether they will just try to keep them even, i think even if the devs are lazy for some reason the first party games will show a huge difference and thats gonna be something even the most blind of xbots will see.

The thing i noticed a lot of ppl not seeing is this ,Last gen the ps3 was a little more powerful cpu wise but the 360 had some advantages to ram wise maybe gpu wise, this time around ps4 has all the advantages faster and better everything, there is no denying it.

Hercules1891963d ago

The games will not look 50% better on the ps4, and we dont even know the final specs yet, even if its 50% more powerful doesnt mean anything, and plus art style is more important than just plain tech. And lets look at sports cars, is a 750 hp car 50% faster than a 500hp car, I dont think so.

Hercules1891963d ago

pls tell me what you disagree with, pls youre really hurting my mind, im going to think the rest of the day with what i said that you disagree with/sarcasm.

TKCMuzzer1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Your right art style is important but surely they can do more with that art style with more power, better draw distances, more enemies, more characters, better AI you said power is not about how the games just look but more power only helps.

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