UK "Cracking Down" on Video Games?

"I guess it's good to know that the American government does not hold a monopoly over idiocy. On Thursday, Tanya Byron, a "TV psychologist and parenting expert," will be reporting to the UK Prime Minister about the "dangers" of violent video game content."

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thewesker3955d ago

I wish parents all over the world would just get a clue.

NO_PUDding3954d ago

She must live near me, I am goign to go ahve an interview lol.

The progarm she did on BBC proves she's a good psychologist, but she has no clue what effect games have on people. Violent games such as the oens currently around ahve never existed before, so she's clearly just one of the many middle aged women who are adverse to video gaming, who need to actually experience a game before they create completely contradictory statements and talk to Gordon Brown.

chasuk083955d ago

I wish people like her would just f off and leave the game industry alone, and let us play games without someone always trying to stop us. OK if a games violent, so what, if its got an 18 on it, is it the developers fault that children are getting hold of the game, NO, blame the parents for buying the kids the game.

dannyhinote_133955d ago

Exactly, man. Parenting and personal responsibility is dying. :(

TheTerminator3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

We need to get these "video games" off our minds

The developers of Skynet are busy playing games

Get rid of games, Judgment day will come years sooner

Video games are preventing us from dieing sooner

v1c1ous3955d ago

but there's a thin line between adult games that are work of art and just plain trying to cross the line.

i understand that we as gamers have a right to play what we want (as long as we are of age), but game developers have a definitive hold on what they can produce.

i am in no way saying an artist should only draw what he is told but...

it's like this. i can defend grand theft auto games for being nothing more than a farce of the dark world of everyday society, not real enough in its display of violence to even warrant the attention it gets from the media. in a way, it borders wacky antics.

i CANNOT defend on camera or in some public place Manhunt...or even BMX XXX....or the Guy Game.

i those games make it hard to say "videogames are an art form that need to be respected"

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The story is too old to be commented.