Only the games matter: Why I won't be boycotting Xbox One

Save/Continue writes:

"I agree; many of the decisions and the manner in which Microsoft decided to showcase their new lump of plastic to the world were achingly stupid and made me question the extent to which some of the MS execs have tainted the gene pool. However, to exclude myself right now from owning the console on these facts and more crucially, the unique experiences which will likely appear on it seems close-minded to me; doubly so as an enthusiastic gamer."

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Wizziokid1967d ago

My problem is the only game drawing me to Xbox One is the thought of another Halo apart from that Sony Exclusives have always been my preferred ones.

Unless they show some really interesting new IP's at E3 I can't see a reason to buy a console just for Halo.

Bitsnark1967d ago

I'm in the same boat as you really, E3 will be the 'decider' for me as to whether or not grab the console at launch (or even the immediate period beyond).

Hicken1967d ago

I'm sorry, but no amount of great-looking games will sway me if I don't agree with the company's policies. I really can't see how anybody could agree with the policies Microsoft is coming up with for the XBOne, but that's neither here nor there.

I'm a big Chevy/GM fan. Going back to the Bel Air and Nomad, Chevy is probably my favorite auto maker ever. But if their proceeds were, say, funding terrorists in some other part of the world, I'd sell my Pontiac and boycott the company actively; I probably wouldn't change that even if they changed their ways.

And you know? If people don't do things like that- refuse to buy, boycott, picket, etc- then what reason do companies have to stop doing whatever it is people don't like?

So even if Lost Odyssey 2- a game I'd normally be first in line to buy- is announced for the Xbox One, I'd have to forgo owning it in order to maintain my principles. It sucks, but that's the point of having principles and morals. If you don't uphold them, then they're pretty useless.

jb2271967d ago

i guarantee they will show some very enticing games come e3 to get the early adopter crowd, but personally there is no amount of great games that could get me to buy a box with a limited shelf life, that is wholly dependent on the good graces of the company who made it, a company that have only proven greedier and greedier as time has gone on

ape0071967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

to the fanboys who religiously and blindly hating....

u sure games are NOT their focus anymore?? GOD how fanboys are blind, yeah the event itself was a big let down but u don't get the whole picture don't u? or purposely ignoring it

for kz u have halo

drive club u have forza 5

heavy rain sequel u have quantum break

infamous u have crackdown 3

new naughty dog game u have gears of war on unreal 4

and there are 7 other new exclusives buddy

deep down, watch dogs, bf4, cod, destiny etc... they are all multiplats and all will play better on xbox one controller imo

Wizziokid1967d ago

"hey are all multiplats and all will play better on xbox one controller"

And you call others fanboys? What if some people prefer DS4?

ape0071967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

in my opinion both controllers look amazing but from the looks of it i liked the xbox one's more

Simon_Brezhnev1967d ago

thanks for the good laugh today.

ape0071967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

wow fanboys goggles ENGAGED, counter the points sir :)


hahahaaa i like those tears

yesmynameissumo1967d ago


I think we'll all be enjoying your tears after you've wasted money on a Xbox One. What are you looking forward to most, Channel Surfing Adventures or Bing: The Last Gasp?

yesmynameissumo1967d ago

Those are some of the weakest game comparisons I think I've ever seen. Thanks ape!

Captain Qwark 91967d ago

how are they weak lol? you've played them already? each game is in the same genre and nobody knows how good each is. if* you want to use any type of logic, based off past games....

for kz u have halo = halo has been a far more consistent franchise and typ more liked

drive club u have forza 5 = forza is one of the top racers, no reason that wont continue. drive club is an unproven ip, could be great though but since it has no past, forza wins because its proven

heavy rain sequel u have quantum break = nobody really knows what QB is so maybe this is not the greatest comparison and heavy rain was damn good so heavy rain wins this

infamous u have crackdown 3 = both are open world third person games so the comparison is fair. i only played infamous 1 and crackdown one but both were fun. infamous was better so infamous wins but its crackdown is still a solid substitute if* it exist. not tech official yet but likely

new naughty dog game u have gears of war on unreal 4 = almost a safe bet ND game will be a tps to some degree esp if its uncharted 4. i will say uncharted is the better franchise but gears isnt far behind so its a good substitute.

sooooo, it actually seems like a really good comparison to me, please explain why its "weak"

yesmynameissumo1967d ago

It's weak b/c comparing Sucker Punch's Infamous to whoever the hell they get to make Crackdown 3 is comedy. Remedy is suddenly Quantic Dream? LULZ! Anything Naughty Dog is equal to Epic? Hahaha! I guess Blinx the Cat is better than Mario too! Bwahahaha!

T21967d ago

why are people even talking about crackdown 3? Crackdown 2 looked as though it came literally out of an Xbox (not 360).. the graphics were 10 years old, bad mechanics, I would literally need to see it get 10/10 to ever buy anything they made again. Also, I'm not sure how people aren't getting this already, it's not the games that people hate on Xbone, its the Policies! If you are willing to take any raping the company gives you just to play certain games, then how do you think those policies are going to get better? If this all pans out for MS next thing we will be back to arcades, put your credit card in and pay for each life.

Captain Qwark 91967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )


are you freaking mad! its like you sat down and actually thought about things for a moment!

i did this a few times, lost a bubble and nobody could actually counter the arguments with logical reasoning. they brought up the drm ( which is still not 100% clear for either side ) and then a bunch of nonsense, mainly the "xbox is not focused on games anymore" even though unless they have a time machine and went to E3 already, they cant possibly know that

majiebeast1967d ago

Can i borrow your time machine?

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jacksonmichael1967d ago

There are presently thousands of games. The chances that I'll be more interested in these fifteen than the thousands that already exist are staggeringly low.

Sidology1967d ago

I'm still divided on the console, but yes, only the games will matter in the end.

And they better be damn good.

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