Echochrome hands-on

The Dutch PlayStation 3 website PS3Focus had an exclusive hands-on with the upcoming innovative game Echochrome.

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techie3951d ago

exclusive? it's out...

level 3603950d ago

Downloaded the demo version off the Japanese PS3 Store - am really impressed by it's deceiving simplicity and relaxing music with that of the echoing lady's voice-over.
You gotta be really be quick and good with the control pads or the stick figure will catch-up.

When will this be out for international release?

A must-buy.

Syphled3950d ago

The game isn't yet out in Europe. It is the first hands-on of the game in Europe, that's why it is exclusive ;)

CBaoth3950d ago

in its design yet compete w/ today's games of graphical splendor. As a huge Dali and Escher fan, I am immediately hooked by its premise and "look". The idea of using optical illusions to solve many of the game's levels also reminds me of a modern-day Tetris (i.e. using your brain power). If Sony can manage to successfully market Echo as the adult equivalent of them "brain" games that sell so well, this could be a huge franchise for both the PSN and PSP.

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