We Hear The People Behind Dishonored Are Now Working On Prey 2

The long and strange saga of Prey 2 may have a new twist: we hear that the sci-fi shooter will be rebooted by Arkane Austin, the development studio that made Dishonored.

What's more, we hear that at least some of the folks at Arkane don't want to make the game, which publisher Bethesda has been shopping around for quite some time now following a split with previous Prey 2 developer Human Head Studios in late 2011.

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Mr_Nuts1966d ago

Hopefully. I do hope though they've scrapped most of the older version and are starting again, the other game we saw looked nothing like a Prey sequel. I mean a bounty hunter who looks like a generic bald headed serious space thanks.

Just create a sequel where it picks off straight after the original where Tommy walks through the portal and where we actually play as Tommy.

Hayabusa 1171965d ago

10 disagrees? I've officially lost faith in humanity...

I hope you're right though. I want the Prey 2 that has portals.

Mr_Nuts1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I know...shame huh, I really don't think the majority of gamers have actually played Prey. They just saw Prey 2 with the whole Bounty hunter thing and thought it looked good.

Yeah it looked good but it wasn't Prey, it was a new IP with Prey slapped on, when people complained they then said Tommy was going to be in it and showed us a picture of him. To me that was worse because it was like "Oh yeah Tommy is BUT you won't play as him"

Please for the love of god if you haven't played Prey play it. (Spoilers) the very end when you go through the Portal in the last scene it says "To be Continued", try and argue with me right now how that Prey 2 we all saw looked like it was continuing from that ending. Continuing from Prey would be Tommy stepping out of the other side of the Portal.

Roccetarius1966d ago

If the dev behind Dishonored has taken over, then i'm sure they can do great things with it. That is, if they release more story content instead of Trials.

CaulkSlap1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

So lets put on hold one of the best new franchises of recent times to resuscitate a most forgotten franchise that wasn't very popular to begin with. Makes sense.

RiPPn1966d ago

This kind of bums me out, would rather hear they were working on Dishonored 2. I really loved the first one!!

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The story is too old to be commented.