Toast 9 Titanium Adds Blu-ray Support

Roxio has announced the release of Toast 9 Titanium, the latest update in its popular disc burning software for Macs. Among the notable updates are Blu-ray support and remote Streaming.

The new Blu-ray support includes the ability "to copy both computer files and RAW Video across multiple discs" and a few of the notable compatible video sources include TiVos, EyeTVs and AVCHD camcorders. There is even the ability to burn HD video to standard DVDs. As an added promotion, the HD/BD plug-in support will be free until April 13th. After that it will cost an extra $20 USD.

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doodle3864d ago

just too many good news for PS3 and BLU RAY

decapitator3864d ago

Am sure there will be a few Easter eggs in here. Sony always has something hidden in their FW updates.

yesah3864d ago

when i first read the title i thought they made titanium blu ray dvd's O.O

GiantEnemyCrab3864d ago

one step closer to copying and stealing bluray movies!!

can't wait to rent and copy as many as I can.

Bonsai12143864d ago

toast 8 already has blu-ray support. before you disagree, i'm looking at it on my comp right now

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