Peter Molyneux on next projects and 'democratizing game design'

When most other game designers were still in graduate school, Peter Molyneux was already creating worlds with Populous, inventing the "real time God game". He created two companies (and later sold them to EA and Microsoft), Bullfrog in 1987 and Lionhead in 1997. With Fable 2 approaching its release, presumably at the end of this summer, GamersGlobal were interested in what comes next. Molyneux told GamersGlobal about two unannounced projects, why publishers don't like VIP designers and what he thinks about 'democratizing game design', as Microsoft likes to put it. Are stars still needed in today's gaming scene?

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BilI Gates3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

"And also you get to have a dog and make it follow you around and stuff. THIS IS INNOVATION!"

Oh Pete you crack me up.

Lumbo3952d ago

I liked populous, and Powermonger, i loved MagicCarpet and Syndicate, but then came the overhyped Black&White and i thought "thats suposed to be it, THAT?" but he managed to top it with the better forgotten Black&White2 and Fable1. Sorry, but i'll not work through a Fable1.5 +dog. He lost it when Bullfrog inc. got EA'ed :( it's the same as with Richard Garriot's Tabula Rasa -- much hype, close to zero game.