Battlefield 4: Five Key Areas to Improve On

"Far be it from us to tell DICE how to do their job. After all, this is the studio that is bringing us the next iteration of its popular first person shooter with Battlefield 4. The gameplay demo it revealed at this year’s Game Developers Conference cemented the fact that the developer easily possesses some of the best graphics engines in gaming today. However, you can’t just build a game with pretty graphics – look how that turned out for Crytek’s Crysis 3, which championed the amazing CryEngine 3 but suffered under the weight of a ho-hum campaign."

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djthechamp242019d ago

Improve character animation and character customization

Trunkz Jr2018d ago

- Clan tags like BFBC2 (7) not CoD4 limit (4)
- Larger Squads
- Much higher friend limit on Battlelog (100? wtf? need 250+)