Used Games: An Open Letter To Video Game Publishers

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to The Basement. The place where no topic is off limits no matter how much fanboy rage it may elicit. With all the hub bub surrounding used games lately, I thought it would be nice if I wrote a letter to a typical video game publisher as a typical core gamer with ideas on how to make money, and yet not punish the used games market.

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showtimefolks2063d ago

i for one buy most of my games new but there are a lot of people who have the money to buy new but much rather save $5 to buy used

next time you about to buy used keep in kind DRM is coming, used game market is a multi billion dollar business so off course the original creators want piece of that big pie

DragonKnight2063d ago

Game publishers have alternative methods to generate revenue that don't involve punishing gamers because of what stores like Gamestop do. Original creators also should NOT be compensated EXTRA money for one copy. That's insanity.

showtimefolks2063d ago

While I see where you are coming from and I agree lets be realistic

When we are talking about billions yes with a capital B you know the publishers will do what they have to to take a piece of that huge pie

Sony said they are leaving it up to the publishers about DRM and that's not gonna make a lot of us very happy well atleast Sony them self wont be doing DRM

DragonKnight2063d ago

I know they'll try to take that money regardless, I'm just saying that they lie when they say that they have no other sources of revenue available to them.

MikeMyers2063d ago

Then tell us what other sources they have other than selling new copies or digital copies?

DragonKnight2063d ago

Maybe read the story first and you'd know.

MikeMyers2063d ago

"Maybe read the story first and you'd know."

2. Create Your Own Store

You've already said Steam is also anti-consumer.You are not a fan of DLC either are you? So again I'll ask, what other alternatives do you propose?

DragonKnight2063d ago

*sigh* You have some real problems don't you? You ask "what alternatives?" Story lists 3. You ignore 2 of them in favour of one of them to use so you can bring up something completely irrelevant to the question you asked because you have a problem with me.

You should have asked "What alternatives do you suggest that I won't ignore because I can't use them against you in some way?"

You must have nothing better to do with your time.

MikeMyers2062d ago


Your first comment said they have alternatives yet you didn't comment any further as to what they are or even if you agreed with the ones the topic touched upon. Instead you keep telling everyone they should not be compensated beyond the initial sale. A few outspoken developers disagree. So here we are yet again in a stalemate, with no real answers that will please both sides.

As a game developer they have the right to distribute their content as they see fit. So as a consumer it's probably best to offer an alternative, otherwise they will just stop making games on certain platforms. We've seen it on the PSP, we've seen it to an extent on the PC as well. Steam seems to have helped the PC industry a lot which kind of goes against your view of them being anti-consumer. They very much have consumer support.

DragonKnight2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

You seem completely incapable of reading or remaining in the Present. My first comment was a reply in the context of what was in the story, it's not my problem if you're incapable of reading.

As for my stance, I stand by it. No publisher or developer should be paid extra money without doing anything to earn it. If a new game is bought, and then sold to someone else, they made their profit off the sale of that new game and don't deserve further profit from the title. THAT DOESN'T MEAN THEY CAN'T HAVE OTHER REVENUE SOURCES RELATED TO THE GAME!

I know you won't understand because you don't want to. You just want to attack attack and attack some more. But please, go to school, learn to read, then have debates with people. Until then, you're wasting everyone's time.

Oh and, don't confuse the only option with the best option. Steam is very much anti-consumer, but just because Steam is, doesn't mean anyone else has to be. The PC community just gave in to Steam so easily because they flashed sales in front of their faces. Steam still violates consumer rights, they still are DRM, and they still operate under the idea that you don't own what you buy. How is that pro-consumer exactly?

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mydyingparadiselost2063d ago

Give all the future DLC to anyone who buys new and sales would skyrocket. Easy fix.

DragonKnight2063d ago

Yep. If the publishers made it so that DLC can only be played on new copies, they could easily make money and at the same time still let people buy used.

The interesting thing is, Take Two even came forward and said that after about 2 months it's not worth it to care about used games from a publisher's perspective. Most of the "flash" sales have happened by then and they've made what they feel is going to be the best of what they can possibly get revenue wise. With the many alternatives publisher's have, all it boils down to is doing it right and then wondering why they haven't done it already.