Naughty Dog on PS4: the most exciting thing is not only the graphics, but the gameplay written:

There will be fun.

That the next generation of consoles comes driven by the wind of computing power, and especially of graphics, is an opinion shared by the vast majority of players. But when you talk to Naughty Dog, there is always to listen to.

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wanieldiik2019d ago

it's not like their current engine is outdated or anything. Almost two years after UC3 release, I still think it has one of the best graphics on consoles. And I believe the last of us will be equally mindblowing as uncharted 3 was

Septic2019d ago

Possibly more mind blowing judging by the early leak from Empire (if its not a clever ploy by ND and the Empire).

Some people whinged about the Uncharted games being too linear etc; well with the power of the PS4, there is no reason why we can't have stunning looking games and unprecedented gameplay freedom. The two aren't mutually exclusive so colour me very excited.

jimbobwahey2019d ago

Yeah, if they continue the Uncharted franchise I'd like to see larger environments to explore rather than the games being so linear. I think that the puzzles could really open up as well if they introduced much bigger environments to run around in.

I don't mean open world either but take the chateau level in UC3 for example, it would be cool to have something like that where you can navigate and climb around the whole building trying to find a way in, rather than basically being funneled down a very linear set path from the woods to the door and then up that specific wall.

Crazyglues2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

yeah Naughty dog saying this is really exciting, these guys tend to push the limits to a level that's insane..

The Last Of Us just looks stunning, but to here the reviews talk about how good it is, put's naughty dog on a different level of creativity, because they actually work the balance..

It's not just graphics, it's the game-play too.. So PS4 is going to change everything.. better feel of the world around you, better effects matched by better graphics..

If Naughty Dog is this excited about what they can do on PS4 then I think us Gamers are going to be the real winners..

I'm dying to see there PS4 game (rumors are it's Uncharted 4 & will be at E3)

Can't wait..

||.........___||............ ||

inveni02019d ago

I'd almost rather have the same linearity (after all, I love the games as they are), and have the extra power sent to making the most graphically stunning game available on next-gen platforms.

SoapShoes2019d ago

Yeah I wouldn't want them to be open world. Open world games rarely get story telling and pacing right.

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sherimae24132019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Naughty Dog is one of the best developers out there,
im sure that their PS4 game, not only it will have a stunning visuals but will also have a very good gameplay.

i want them to make an open-world game for PS4 ^_^

Hellsvacancy2019d ago

A medieval themed open world game please

Kyanu2019d ago

I would prefer just slightly bigger areas in which I can choose my way through. :) Something like that. Let's call it semi-open-world. ;)

Bathyj2019d ago

naughty dog call it wide linear and its already in the lay of us.

Kyanu2019d ago

THX Bathyj!
I supposed TLOU to be a little "wider" but didn't know they have a name for it.

Do you have a source where I could look it up myself?

DigitalAnalog2019d ago

Here's an excerpt:

(w) -Us-Jacob-Minkoff-E3-interview/ tabid/418/articleID/259075/Defa ult.aspx

"Minkoff: What we’re calling is wide linear – we’re telling a linear narrative, but between those linear narrative moments we have wide gameplay possibilities. There’s all sorts of different strategies that the player can use at any time they approach a new situation."

Wizziokid2019d ago

I'm ready to be wowed again ND, make it happen!

Lone_Man2019d ago

2013-2014 are going to be awesome

LarVanian2019d ago

With all due respect to PC, Xbox and Nintendo only gamers, the fact that their consoles won't get any Naughty Dog games is more than enough reason for me to just stick with Playstation. It was great to see Naughty Dog take the gaming industry by storm this generation and I cannot wait to see what they do with PS4!

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