Gaming Age: Buzz: The Hollywood Quiz Review

Gaming Age writes: "Back in early 1997, a few months after the N64 launched in the U.S., Nintendo learned a very important lesson: gamers love 4-player "party" games. The first game to exploit this was Mario Kart 64. A long line of 4-player games graced the system and the N64 became THE system to own for groups gathering around the TV. Fast forward to today, and one only has to look at the Wii and its "party" games to see that playing is often contagious, and the more casual the game, the broader the audience becomes. This was not lost on Sony of Europe, who over the past few years has been catering to that exact demographic with hit games like Singstar and Buzz. The first of the games arrived in the U.S. last year to little fanfare, but Sony isn't giving up. It has just released the next Buzz game; only this time around it focuses primarily on movies, television, and all things Hollywood.

Buzz: The Hollywood Quiz can be purchased game-only for $29.99 or bundled with four buzzers for $39.99. If you don't yet own the buzzers, definitely spend the extra $10 because without them the game is rather useless. If you do own the buzzers, I'd still suggest getting the bundle pack because this game supports up to 8 players, but you'll need 8 buzzers to partake in what often becomes a loud yelling match filled with smack talk. In other words, Buzz is the perfect party game."

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