W. Mossberg: Stay with XP version of Windows; Forget Vista SP1

Q: We plan to buy a new computer running the XP version of Windows, not Vista. We are afraid to take the step to the Mac since we are in our 70s, and are just average on the computer. We rely on our children for help when we get into a jam, and they have no experience with a Mac. Would you recommend we venture into Mac land, fear and all?

A: No. While I believe Apple's hardware is very good, and the Mac operating system is better than either version of Windows, I also believe that average users whose operating system works well for them, and who can buy new hardware that runs the same system, shouldn't feel pressure to change. That's especially true when they have a ready source of support.

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aiphanes4494d ago

He just said that sometime during this summer microsoft will stop allowing computer manufactures to preload Windows XP...they will only be able to load Vista with SP1.

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-4494d ago

THE PEOPLE MUST RISE UP! Change our Constitution! Re-elect George W. Bush in 2008!!!

Ludwig4494d ago

When will be vista praised and good? when microsoft prepares to launch the next system .. everyone will be "STICK TO VISTA! THE NEW WINDOWS SUCKS!".. same shat happen last time and last time and last time.

gw4k4494d ago

Ok, we all know Vista sucks. There is not one person who knows anything about computers that will praise this OS. Not one. Naturally, I am sure there will be some one coming on here stating they know this and they do that. Blah Blah Blah.

If they really do they wouldn't be saying Vista rocks or whatever they are going to say.

This is what I suggest to all of those out there looking for a brilliant os!

Linux. I highly suggest Ubuntu. That is me. There are many versions that are fantastic and guess what, 98% of them are free!

Not only that, they are SECURE, rarely a virus or infections. The software is amazing and guess what, FREE! Not only this but if you need assistance with something, there are millions of people willing to give ya a hand and help you out.

You do not have to be an expert in computers to run Linux either.


If you are into gaming, stay with XP, dual boot. Just like I do. I am running an incredible system and when I feel like playing a PC game, I launch XP.

Lets stop seeing theses stories about Vista, we already know it stinks.

Give Linux a shot people. Once you try Linux you will never go back.

jaja14344494d ago

There is always a Ubuntu person just waiting to speak out. Praise Linux all you want but the simple fact remains is that it is way more complicated that Windows and far less compatible. I would never ever recommend Linux to the average person and it annoys the crap out of me when people go around saying much better than Windows,OSX,exc. Simply put, must people can barely get a handle on Windows, let alone anything more complicated than it...

As far as XP vs Vista goes, my basic advice is that if your getting Vista with your PC, thats fine, but it's not worth buying on its own.

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