PS4 'Will Be A Great Platform For MMOs'

Sony Online Entertainment praises the PS4 for its ability to play MMOs.

By Adam Barnes

Sony Online Entertainment has previously teased that it could be bringing one of its free-to-play MMOs to PS4.

In a recent interview with NowGamer, SOE's executive producer Larry Liberty has suggested that the PS4 will be a "great platform" for its MMOs.

"I would expect that with all of the amazing features that have been announced for the next PlayStation," said Liberty, "that [the PS4] will be a great platform for MMOs."

Previously SOE's John Smedley has discussed the possibility of a PS4, and how free-to-play business models will work "awesomely" on consoles.

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Arai1965d ago

Planetside 2 and next Everquest incoming most likely.

Septic1965d ago

I don't see why not.

Planetside 2 as a F2P MMO on PS4 would be long as I can import my profile to the PS4 version and use the sniper I actually paid money for!

TopDudeMan1965d ago

I imagine you would as long as you log in on your account.

Blackdeath_6631964d ago

it would be a big one if announced at E3. i bought my PC with planetside2 in mind so if it works flawlessly on ps4 i might not have to buy a graphics card just yet

Wizziokid1965d ago

I love Planetside 2 so it would be a welcome addition to the PS4 for me

sway_z1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Planetside 2 is all but confirmed for PS4!



yugovega1965d ago

didn't they say the same thing about the ps3 and we only got dc universe? seems we get one mmo a generation. ff11 then dc. hoping they actually come thru this time and release some good ones.

ltachiUchiha1964d ago

The problem with the ps3 & 360 were the lack of memory. They can work on both consoles but with not much memory to work with dc universe had loading times & lag. I loved it despite all the issues it had but I think with the ps4 the transition from pc to ps4/xbone will be easier & should be enough to run mmo's at a way smoother rate then they would with current hardware.

lodossrage1964d ago

They did bring over Free Realms as well.

But I get your point.

And you can't include FF11 because that's Square Enix's game, not Sony. But you can include Everquest Online Adventures in the PS2 era instead

waltercross1964d ago

Planetside and DC Universe are Sony games, they'd never be on XBO. Everquest is Sony to.

Free Realms wasn't cross platform...wish it was I bought a Lifetime subscription on the PC.

Sony already has an arsenal of MMO games on the PC and with the PS4 architecture being similar to the PC it shouldn't be no problem to bring them to PS4.

TimelessDbz1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I want to know if my Final Fantasy 14 a realm reborn will be able to transfer over on a digital code.

Also want Phantasy star online 2 for ps4.

iamlegend99991964d ago

awwww dude Phantasy Star Universe 2 on PS4 would be killer. Sony can't do that. It will destroy Microsoft.

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The story is too old to be commented.