Top Tips For Gamer Dads & Mums

HUGG writes: So, you return from your 12 week pregnancy scan with a picture of your ever-growing baby. You probably can’t stop smiling. The bun is officially in the oven. It is about this time that you will realise that your life is about to change – dramatically. Your free time is about to half. Any disposable income you may have will now be spent on nappies, formula milk and more baby grows than you will ever possibly need. Any time-consuming hobbies you have will probably cease to become a pass time and become a distant memory.

But all is not lost. It is still possible to squeeze gaming into your new life as a parent. I am a Gamer Dad with 10 month old twin boys and a 4-year-old step-son. I like to think I am a pretty good dad and husband and still manage to get my game on every so often, so I feel as qualified as most to offer advice on how best to continue your gaming hobby once your bundle of joy arrives. Take heed of these nuggets of advice and the transition from hardcore gamer to Gamer Dads / Mums will be painless.

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