WOW, You're a Moron: 'Thief Steals Xbox 360; Calls Owner to Come Buy it'

A story of an Xbox 360 gamer turned detective after he was robbed of his Xbox 360, television set and Powermac laptop.

McFearsome writes:

"Those that know me are aware that my house was burglarized on March 12th while I was returning from SXSW. For the uninitiated, my house was broken into around 2:30-3:00pm and they made off with my xbox 360, an old powerbook (which they grabbed the wrong charger for) and ripped my TV right off the wall. Needless to say it was shitty news to come home to, but things can be replaced and I was happy that my dog, who was downstairs at the time, wasn't hurt."

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decapitator3862d ago

Talk about stupid. The dude actually send a voice message asking the 'owner' to give him cash for his own Xbox ? Wow..

Salvadore3862d ago

I have seen stupid people, but this is beyond stupidity.

decapitator3862d ago

Agreed. That is what you might wanna call the 'ultimate noob thief'. What a dumbass. The owner also did a nice job putting everything together though.

Sarick3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

This was dumb but at least he didn't contact the police and ask for money.

A while back some police where driving down the street and an addict thought a drug dealer had given him poor quality product. He ran the police off the road (stopped them) and ask them to help him get his $%##ing money. He complained that a drug dealer ripped him off and showed the officers his drugs yelling at the top of his lungs to arrest the seller for ripping him off. <-- Moron 2.0! O.o

Your right this guy who stole the items was stupid but I've heard about wrose. What I did notice that the police didn't seem to care this guy solved their case. I guess unless you kill people or make news some police don't have enough resources to care in some locations about minor robberies.

mintaro3862d ago

lmao, and i thought people were stupid for not trusting Geico!

niall773862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

do you get thiefs that dumb

Megaton3862d ago

What's with you internet people believing crime only happens in America? Are you guys really that dimwitted, or do you just do it because it's trendy to hate Americans?

ScentlessApprentice73862d ago

They hate us because they envy us :)

Cicinho3861d ago

He said only in America do you get thieves that dumb. No how the hell did you get there is only crime in America? It just simply means America has dumb criminals, and dumb internet users going by your post.

reckoner3861d ago

You mean "thieves" that dumb. Thiefs? Ok, smart one.

Megaton3861d ago

3.3: You know exactly what I'm talking about. The "only in America" internet crowd. Apparently America is the only place in the world you'll find dumb criminals.

I'm not the most patriotic man in the world, in fact I'm actually pretty far from it. I despise our government, most members of both the left and the right, and the south (the part of the country where most American stereotypes actually hold some clout).

However, I do get aggravated everytime some numb skull forum person decides that bad things and dumb people only exist in America. Wake up and take a good hard look at the world around you. Stupidity and violence are all around the globe, and if you seriously believe that stupidity and violence are an American exclusive, you only have to look as far as a mirror to prove yourself wrong.

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Mr_Showtime13862d ago

hes my best friend and someone broke in and stole his PS3, his xbox 360, television, laptop, PC and made his getaway in his dads business van!!!, thank god he didnt come on down to the next house though, he would have felt the full wrath of a golf club bashing his teeth in!!

decapitator3862d ago

Luck you man. You never know what he would have taken if he came to your house.

Mr_Showtime13862d ago

felt bad for my friend though, hes a big Rainbow 6 fan, so i lent him my 360 an bought him a copy of it :)