Alan Wake franchise 90% off on Steam

Another insane Steam sale, 90% off the entire Alan Wake franchise, its basically free, less than 5 USD, if I had not already bought it I would buy it again.

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batbatz2947d ago

if you ever need an example of why Steam beats XBox deals

ltachiUchiha2947d ago

This is a deal. Steam is a great service.

Neonridr2947d ago

Wow, anyone who has not played this game yet, I would HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of this deal. Alan Wake was an incredible game with an amazing and engaging storyline. You get both DLC's for the original game plus the American Nightmare standalone "sidegame". All for $4 (in NA). If you don't want the American Nightmare pack, you can get the original game with the 2 DLC's for $3. A steal if I say so.

Probably my favorite IP that Microsoft has brought to the table.

Smashbro292946d ago

Humble Bundle got me this exact deal for a dollar total.

batbatz2946d ago

nice, you cheap bastard hehe