Are Trophies/Achievements Damaging Game Experiences?

CGUK writes:
"After entering the world of gaming during the PS1's reign, I was blown away by titles such as: Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid and Driver (being particular highlights). Why? They required imagination to play and let the player do whatever they want; whether it be the way in which they decide to execute a mission, their play-style or how they decided to explore an open-world - it all required imagination. This for me was gaming's golden age - a time of progression (the dawn of 3D gaming) in terms of content and how games are actually played"

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pr0t0typeknuckles1964d ago

i would say no,i mean i really cant see why some people hate them,trophies/achievements may not exist on a real platter but neither did arcade scores,they were just inside a machine,and people loved trying to get the high score,so they could prove just how good they were as a gamer and to me trophies are no different,basically all im saying is if you hate trophies, did you also feel the same way about arcade scores,because when you really look at it theyre the same thing and if anything you can check your gamerscore on your phone or online,so they have a bigger impact than an arcade score did.

Zichu1964d ago

This is what has been on my mind as well. High scores are something people tried to beat. I know I certainly wanted to get the highest score and it felt like an achievement.

Achievements and trophies are enjoyable to collect. Most games don't really prove how much of a gamer you really through the achievements. Some are really easy to gain and are usually obtained by playing the game doing little to nothing.

I like to go after something I wouldn't of thought about getting years and years ago.

Captain Qwark 91964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

agreed. i like them though, i like having a log of all the crap i beat just because i like too, i have no other reason for it lol

also i do like going for challenging achievements like beating games on the hardest difficulty, gives me that same "high score achieved" feeling which is always fun

i rarely platinum or get 1000 on a game simply because i dont care that much, i get what i get when i play and if* i like a game enough, then maybe i go for 1000 so i do have an invisible goal even if they are meaningless. i think the % of peeps who play for just trophies/ach is very small so i def dont think they are bad in anyway. their main purpose is to extend a game and they do that just fine.

if you dont like them, then its w/e. they arent detrimental in any way and if they arent for you, play your game and move on. whether they unlock or dont wont matter since you will never look at them.

Wagz221964d ago

Yea trophies and achievements definitely enchance games. I wouldn't have done somethings in games if it wasn't for trophies.

Corpser1964d ago

Because prople that dont want them can't turn them off on 360 or ps3, sure both consoles let you turn off ALL notifications, but you can't just turn off only trophy notifications.

guitarded771964d ago

It's a 1 second pop-up which only occurs once per trophy/achievement. Is it really ruining your gaming experience?

Corpser1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )


Yes it is annoying, if a game has a few things that are hard to do and only have these few as trophies that would be different. Getting "trophies" as you normally play thru the game is just dumb, it's just like getting participation trophies in school when you really accomplished nothing, maybe I'm from the wrong generation

HakatoX1964d ago

crooked labels set you into a rage as well?

DarkHeroZX1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I think the system has made the experience better in some aspect of gaming. For instance with the achievement/trophy system games like Sonic 06' became tolerable because at the end of the pain is the reward of getting every last achievement. In achievement and trophy hunting it makes players more aware of the actual game. Back in the day I would just breeze through games, had fun, and usually missed out on a great deal of extras. I just recently discover that All 3 golden sun games has secret bosses. Had it not been for YouTube I would have always thought I did everything within the game. Gravity rush had its fair share of hidden enemy characters in which the trophy list revealed. I still had to find them on my own but at least I knew about them. Trophies and achievement s aren't needed but they are a very welcomed feature.

TheTimeDoctor1964d ago

maybe just make an option to not be notified of getting a trophy. people like choice even if they might not use it. seems easy enough to do.

Minato-Namikaze1964d ago

You can turn off the trophy sound but i dont think you can turn off the actual visual notification.

Jovanian 1964d ago

Its seriously bizarre, I know in my mind that these achievements are utterly meaningless but yet I still strive to get them. Sometimes I am fueled to stick it out through an otherwise not-as-fun game experience just because I know achievements will be added to my profile

Roper3161964d ago

only if you let them, I don't even look at them until after I finish all my play throughs of the game ( hard, hardest, easiest for fun, except RPG's those I usually do 1 long play through on the hardest setting ). Then I may look at them and sometimes I may not. If I do look and see I need 1 or 2 for a plat I may go for it and then again if I already spent a few hundred hours on the game I may just move on.

Just don't let them dictate your gaming experiences and just game for the fun of it and you'll enjoy gaming that much more. Gaming just for trophies makes it more like work so you may as well get a real job & get paid real money instead of useless digital baubles.

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