Fall in love with racing all over again with Grid 2

Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: Let’s face it; racing games can either be rather epic – or the next item to be thrown in the trash. Yes, there are many of them that I have wanted to bin (and some I actually have); however, there are others that have remained in my library of games for many years now. These include Forza 4, Forza Horizon and many of the Need for Speed titles.

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Crazyglues1966d ago

"Fall in love with racing all over again with Grid 2"


I'm sorry how am I suppose to fall in love with racing again when (No cockpit view) I can't even see inside the car..

If you own a PS3 you would be crazy to buy this when a real racing game is coming out (GT6) -But whatever you do, don't buy this new, this is going to hit the garbage bin quicker then you can say OMG!

Give it two weeks and you will be able to find this for $42 bucks new... LoL

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Bgibbs1965d ago

So your only real complaint is no cockpit view, and that GT6 is coming out much later this year? Those hardly seem like negatives that would make you want to avoid this game.

Tr10wn1965d ago

N4G logic lol

I am having a blast with Grid 2 for the same reason, i bet he didn't even bother to read the article, he said he is in love because it is actually hard and that is true, anything beyond medium is really hard and that is something Gran Turismo wont give you in a 100 years.

USMC_POLICE1965d ago

As an avid gran turismo player since gt 1 in 1995. I disagree with you. For one I never use cockpit view secondly just because its not like gt doesn't mean its not great. I love it so far. Your talking like a call of duty player....if its not cod it sucks.. that attitude is ruining gaming.

Metfanant1965d ago

i agree 110% that GT6 will be the better game...but using cockpit view is not a good way to go about showing it...consider how awful the cockpit view is on all the standard cars...

SonyWarrior1965d ago

im a big sony fan pre ordered gt5 special edition bundle and even i'm not excited one bit about gt6... Drive Club is where its at this year..

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MilkMan1965d ago

No, I like arcade racers. Nothing even close to sim do I touch.

metalgod881965d ago

I got pretty tired of Forza after the 3rd installment. The games got graphically better, but physics never really felt like they changed much. GT has always been in improving on pretty much all fronts.

I'm enjoying Grid 2, but It feels too arcade like for me without an in car camera. I mean, they have all the data there, wheel support, awesome physics, but without the in car cam, I lose all that immersion they built so well.

Grid 2 is a great game, but I know it could have been even better with that camera. I know, they would have had to build all the in car assets to do that, but even so...I feel it's a huge part of a semi-sim racing game.

So now, I'm just more anxious to play Project C.A.R.S. and GT 6.

NioRide1965d ago

I'm a heavy sim player, Mostly rFactor1/2, iRacing, and Simbin games.

But I have a soft spot for Codies. And at first I was really upset with the no cockpit mode, especially since its been offered since the first TOCA game on ps2 and xbox.

But I picked the game up and so far its fantastic, first night on I play 6 hours straight.

Albie3601965d ago

So sad I wasted my money on such a shit game. Was totally looking forward to this, but an utter disappointment. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS. They should have called it Drift 2.

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