Microsoft talks the talk, but can it walk the walk?

What does Microsoft need to do to "win" E3?

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Godmars2901965d ago

On a score of 1-5 I rate them at;

Talk = 6/5

Walk = 3/5

That's how they've been for the past three years at least.

Hands Up For Games1964d ago

People have to look at the context.

These last few E3's have been the winding down of this generation for all parties. Think back to E3 circa 2007/08, MS brought it all to the table then and I expect them to do the same again this year.

The benefit for us gamers is that all of the Big 3 will be bringing games games games this year and if you want to find a negative in that, I suggest you find a new hobby :)

Minato-Namikaze1964d ago

But outside of last year, Sony has been bringing big games every year. 2012 was down year for sony with games (compared to usual) but they just came right back in 2013 with more games. So MS better come with it at E3 and clear up all the negative rumors and have plenty of non-kinect games with actual gameplay to show off.

Godmars2901964d ago

Sony has managed to to handle the transition of two console generations supplying both platforms with games to no complainable notice, except usually the newer system. Looks ready to do so a third while also juggling the PSV which only had the PSPs physical media causing a problem.

Meanwhile MS twice now has seemingly needed to take attention away from their older platform to prepare for the new one, yet still have the same start-up issues Sony's had. Dropped support for the first XBox sooner than they promised. Have made their last E3's mainly about Kinect, which has just been a mess in terms of performance.

Come E3 both are going to make a lot promises and one of them is going to do less than deliver on them.

You can likely guess where my money's going.

1965d ago
KillrateOmega1965d ago

The people at MS are the masters of bs. They can do the talk better than anyone.

As for the walk? Less impressive.

majiebeast1964d ago

They need to have the best E3 they have ever had. I dont think they can walk that walk.

SpitFireAce851964d ago

Its hard to improve/make a come back when...they clearly
mad a console that focuses more on tv programming,social media etc.Thats eating into the ram of the console so less
ram for games.

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