Raibow 6 Vegas Multiplayer Video

Take a look at this new Rainbow Six multiplayer video...

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THAMMER15479d ago

That was off the !%CHAIN$! I'm copping this game day ONE.

killasssj4085478d ago

I cant belive xbox 360 has so many great games.This game,gears of war,and army of two are the ones im waiting for.


army of two looks SICK!!

so many good games

USMChardcharger5478d ago

did you guys see that. o man. this game is going to be a crazy.

that was really cool how you can repel outside of the building during a multiplayer match.

the blood splater too...this is going to be intense stuff, can't wait.

this has me thinking if i can only pick up one game next month...of getting this over GOW (crazy i know)

borgome5478d ago

This video gets me very excited.