PSU: GT 5 Prologue Hands On - "A Technical Achievement"

PSU received a preview build of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue earlier this week and proceeded to download it over the course of nine excruciating hours (2GB download). While none of the online elements of the title were available in this build, we gave the complete offline experience a lengthy test drive.

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NiteWarrior3861d ago

Can't Wait for this game =)

Lifendz3861d ago

and some on here say things like "it's just eh Blu-ray player" or "it's just a DVD player". Sure it gives you that functionality, but looking at these visuals just scares me. Think about it, we're only in year 2 of the PS3 and the visuals look like this? Wow. I wonder what they'll be doing in year 3.

resistance1003861d ago

Only 3 days before i get my copy ^_^

OoLegendoO3861d ago

Yeah, you are right. I need a good racing game for my Ps3 and GT5 P comes just in time.

LinuxGuru3861d ago

9 hours to download 2 GB?

I could download 2GB in 30 minutes or less.

resistance1003861d ago

i envy you, on my speed it really would take around 2-5 hours (depending on traffic) to download 2GB

bluegoblin3861d ago

it wouldnt take more than an hour.( in my case)

heyheyhey3861d ago

bout 13 hours

sucks i know

rushbd3861d ago

It takes fu k ing 3 days for me to download a gig. yep that's the condition in bangladesh. sometimes i wanna commit suicide.

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doodle3861d ago

the most ultrarealistic GAME ever created


GT5P has over 1 million in preorders in europe ALONE ( could be 1.5 m by now)

Expect GT5P ot sell between 1.5m --2m on LAUNCH DAY in europe

The console war finishes in EUROPE on the 28th MARCH,2008

and on 12th JUNE worldwide (very likely)

However the Bullsh** BOX 3 FIX ME is already dead there and is dying in USA. so war is between PS3 and Wii ONLY that finishes on those 2 days in respective regions

bluegoblin3861d ago

i wouldnt be so sure, 360 its definitely going to get a gigantic blow to the balls on those dates but i dont think its going to be enough to kill it.As long as we have annoying fanboism with people like the mart this is long from over.Keep the games coming PS3!!!

doodle3861d ago

GT and FF are the biggest names in europe followed by MGS4 and PES.

It is over for X360 there. even with a price cut the PS3 still went on to beat x360 in UK not to even mention other regions where x360 dies ages ago.

War will be between Wii and PS3 but not in europe after 28th MARCH.

In USA too war finishes with GT5P,MGS4 and GTA4 by late 2008

vloeistof3861d ago

you forgot resistance 2 motorstorm2 gow3

doodle3861d ago

KZ2/RESISTANCE2/LBP /MGS4 all will break and create new sales records

I mean in this generation ALMOST EVERYONE is a HARDCORE GAMER

all those above games will easily sell over 5 million

All of those could EVEN hit 10 million in europe alone.

InYourMom3861d ago

You are such a liar and will say whatever you want regardless if it's true or not.

How about some truth for you.. The PS3 is in last place. Ouch, now that truth hurt's don't it??

@1.1 - "as we have annoying fanboism with people like the mart this is long from over."

I love how replied to one of the biggest fanboi's on this site with that comment. 360 fanboi's are annoying but droids aren't? Oh the hypocrisy.

RAF-TECH3861d ago

I reported this guy as 'offensive'

not that he's a PS3 fanboy.
but his language is clearly pointless and makes n4g look bad.

doodle3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

PS3 has been outselling the BULLSH** BOX 3 FIX ME worldwide for the last 7 months. It is just 3/4 m behind x360 at the moment. Ouch that hurts

It has surpassed the x360 in both JAPAN and EUROPE ..ouch that hurts

GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME was launched a YEAR BEFORE PS3 and is now a DEAD CONSOLE in europe and JAPAN

60% of the BULLSH** BOXES have been traded in for PS3 in europe

This ABNORMAL XTARD is the only resistance for GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME camp since others know that it is over for MS and X360.

which is a dead console in EUROPE and JAPAN and is dying fast in USA????x360


even after seeing GT5P preorders you still dare to POST

we will talk you you on MARCH 28th,2008 ---the death anniversary of GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME in europe (also the least selling console)


your comments are reported as SPAM in the GAME ZONE

You XBUTTT you dont own a PS3 and you bash it we all know

Others look at this XBUTT's comments in the GAMEZONE

RAF tech wrote

you can watch shows on GT-TV?
does it actually have to do with anything with the actual game-play?

Like it's more common sense to be able to download people's ghosts and watch their replays. that's a feature

Being able to watch episodes is more of an 'Extra' "

This is the TARD-TECH's gamepad

"Xbox 360 Tag: Contra26"

wow jealous BOT ...jealousy wont save XBREAK 3 FIX ME . go play GAYLO3 at 640P and FUUUUUUUUUUURZA 2 /any of your plastic RACERS

bluegoblin3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

i have a PS3 and therefore i support it, however i dont go into every little 360 article and start bashing about it just like the mart does with the ps3.

bluegoblin3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

yeah PS3 is in last place, but lets analyze why and for how long..
360 had A YEAR head start ok, do you get all the benefits that a year head start represents??? bigger install base, more time for developers to really use the hardware, more games ,etc....
But now that 2007 is over and ps3 is unraveling all the big guns bill gates is getting his ass lubricated before he gets sony's d!ck up the ass.
360 is dead in japan as it has always been, and demand is getting lower and lower each day in both, europe an U.S.
Blu-ray won, home is coming what else do you need to see that 360 is going to die sooner or later, like it or not!!!
Now i dont want to be talking sh!t but it just pisses me off when xbots come after me.

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OC Shock Value3861d ago

i was gonna wait until the official GT5 to come out.. but now i am pretty desperate for a racing game.. so i will be getting this ASAP.. tho its a demo of GT5.. it has more cars and features then most racing games out right now.. see u guys online

resistance1003861d ago

GT-TV - Episodes of Top Gear to download ^_^ as well as many other films, don't see that feature in any other racer

RAF-TECH3861d ago

you can watch shows on GT-TV?
does it actually have to do with anything with the actual game-play?

Like it's more common sense to be able to download people's ghosts and watch their replays. that's a feature

Being able to watch episodes is more of an 'Extra'

Daray3861d ago

This can't really be classified as a demo.
GT5 Proluge is a bona fide game, and here are 5 reasons why:

CaliGamer3861d ago

Hates this game so much, yet he is in all post concerning GT5P, could it be he is in the closet and really likes the game??

Like a 10 year old boy who likes a girl, but instead of telling her he goes and hits her in the face. Very mature buddy.

Go get yourself a PS3, a copy of GT5P and call it a day, you'll feel a whole lot better once you do.

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