Depreciating Art Games

Yamilia from writes: "While I’ve spent so much time loving what I dub “ART HAUS” games, the reality is that 99% of the time, I have absolutely no idea what they’re about. They’re the ones that try to drive a message using its story, visuals, and gameplay. Since I believe all games are art, the reason why I call these specifically “ART HAUS” is because I can imagine them going to a Friday night poetry slam together. I think they’re so important to video games because they prove that we too can be just as pretentious and artsy fartsy as other mediums, but I always walk away wondering what the hell I just played."

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rextraordinaire2019d ago

I would's say Shadow of the Colossus is an art game.

It's an adventure game at heart, with a clear goal, and a pretty standard "Dude saves the damsel in distress" thing going on. Even if it has a slightly different view on this than most games.

Of course, it's an excellent game, with great artistic value, but it's not interactive art for art's sake à la fl0w or Flower, or even Everyday the same dream.

But then, what's art, what's not. I could have done what they did but I didn't, etc.