Gamedaily: Sega Superstars Tennis Review

Gamedaily writes: "Sonic Pinball Party for GBA is sweet because Sega combined three of its best franchises (Sonic, NiGHTS and Samba de Amigo) into an enjoyable pinball game. Last week, the company upped the ante with Sega Superstars Tennis, a gorgeous Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 sports game that blends a plethora of Sega characters and themes. Much like Pinball Party, however, Tennis lacks depth, making it a rental at best.

Our main gripe revolves around the lack of modes. Sega's previous tennis game, Virtua Tennis 3, has a career mode that lets you travel the world and square off against other players. Sega Superstars Tennis lacks this option, instead throwing you into Planet Superstars, a mish mash of easy tournaments and mini games. There's no customizing your character or enhancing their skills. Sega keeps things interesting with some entertaining mini games and tons of unlockable goodies, but we need something meatier to grab onto, especially since the developers reuse the same courts and music. That, of course, grows repetitive quickly."

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