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THWIP3953d ago's a sequel to a game that came out only 17 months ago...on the SAME PLATFORMS. Why would you expect anything more???

boodybandit3953d ago

but I would say because of COD4. It really raised the bar of what can be accomplished with a sequel when a developer puts serious thought and effort into it.

THWIP3953d ago

...but I, for one, wasn't that impressed with COD4.

1.) It came out a full 2 years after COD2.
2.) Used the same engine, just tweaked a bit.
3.) Graphically the same as COD2, just with better lighting and animation.
4.) A lot of the "new" MP features, were largely rip-offs of R6V.
5.) The MP was..and still is...horribly flawed. The patch only made things worse.

R6V beats COD4, if only for the co-op and terrorist hunt. That IW couldn't manage to include co-op, is truly pathetic.

SL1M DADDY3952d ago

RS:V2 is a great game and I have enjoyed it thus far. I like the changes they have made to the ranking system and enjoy the challenges of getting all the gear unlocked. However, to compare it to COD4 is silly. They both are great and deserve their own spotlights.

shysun3952d ago

R6:V2 can't touch COD4 with a 10 foot pole!

Bolts3952d ago

I can't believe you are seriously comparing CoD 4 to CoD 2 in terms of graphics. Thats moronic. While you're at it you might as well compare the orginal CoD to Quake 3 'cause it use the same engine.

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pwnmaster30003953d ago

people dis day always complaining about something

GETPWNT3953d ago

Like your inability to use the English language?

carl ps33952d ago

A Boring game that should be played on boring xBox360
+ 'GETPWNT' isn't a English word??? :D
Its a Stup*d geek internet word! :D

JasonPC360PS3Wii3952d ago

I would rather have misspellings and typos like I pump out everyday. I have an excuse though, I'm dyslexic. With that guy I don't think you can classify Eminem wannabe as a disability, although I think it falls under that "dee dee dee" category.

Kulupoo3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

GTEPWNT, u know internet is a worldwide thingy??? lol
there is people outside of US or North America browsing through this site everyday.
and i think it should be call vegas 1.2
ya thats right...

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Fade_Walker3953d ago

Correct me if I am wrong but I think that RSV2 also used the same engine as the first one, and some people say it even looks worse then #1

Where CoD4, I don't know if they used the engine they did as CoD 2 and if they did it was a HUGE improvement over CoD2

BloodySinner3953d ago

The first Rainbow Six: Vegas used the Unreal Engine. I don't know about the sequel, but I strongly believe it's using the same thing. If you ask me, I think the first game looks better than the "sequel".

As for Call of Awesome 4, you are correct. It's the same tech that powered the second game.

Fun fact: Did you know that COD4 uses LESS polygons than COD2? =)

Mr Tretton3953d ago

well RSV2 doesn't look worse than the first, and COD4 definetly looks better than than COD2.

in regards to the MP problems, apparently RSV2 is having problems with MP as well. And the single player campaign doesn't feel so fresh compared to the first.(which was lacking anyway) There were things they could have built on in that and they just didn't, so much focus on MP these really annoys me.

Single player games are being destroyed because of everyone getting all stupid happy over MP like it's the second coming, and so developers follow accordingly. It's a shame.

Metal Gear Solid 4 awaits me. (not MGO)

I'm ready for a game with DEPTH. With STYLE. CHARACTER. EMOTION. Enough of this bang bang I killed you nameless internet 12 year old kid, time to get back to real games. That's where I'll be.

The Jack has Spoken.

MisfitSmurf3953d ago

the game was good, but you dont have to base it on ever other game. i actually have a lot more fun on rainbow six 1 and 2 than cod4. Cod4 died once camping became the new fad, who doesnt love wimps hiding on a stair case waiting for you to walk by wooo fun

SancLunatic3953d ago

This is Rainbow Six "VEGAS" 2! If this was to be an entirely new game they would have moved on from the Vegas phase Rainbow Six is currently in.

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