12 Wii games that would work perfectly on 3DS

GamesRadar - Besides being a great platformer, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D proved that Wii games could gracefully transition to the 3DS, utilizing the handheld to become so much more than a mere port. In exchange for some negligible graphical fidelity, it imbued incredible visual depth into its gorgeous levels and boasted a far more reliable control scheme. We'd go so far as to say that the 3DS version outdoes the Wii original--and it's got new modes and portability to boot.

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Moonman1970d ago

Nah, those crickets would have so much fun if they could play a 3DS!

Shinobi1001971d ago

One the games listed is THE #1 Wii game I'd want to see ported to 3DS: 'Deadly Creatures'. I like spiders, I like the eerie atmosphere, and it's got the legendary Dennis Hopper as a voice actor (rest his soul). Therein lies the potential licensing nightmare that may prevent that game from ever being ported.

Muramasa is already gettin ported to Vita so that ain't gonna happen on 3DS. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was already on PSP so that ain't gonna happen. Treasure Studios is workin on a new 3DS game so I doubt we'd see Sin & Pun 2 ported either.

I don't mind the idea of porting Wii games to 3DS since they're just a couple years old. N64 ports is pretty ridiculous.

3-4-51971d ago

Mario Galaxy with normal controls ?!

Moonman1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

PUNCH-OUT!! Wii pleeeeeeeeeeease! ;p It's absolutely perfect for portable play on the go!