PS4, Xbox One and Wii U: Next-Gen is the Same Old, Same Old

Gi - The seventh generation of consoles was similar to an intense game of Monopoly. It was a game that spanned hours, well into the night with one person seemingly holding all the property with multiple hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place. Dad is deep in debt and down to his shirt and old man garters, Mom is drinking trying to forget where her looks went and how her life got to this point, and right when little brother is about to win, you flip over the board knocking everything to the floor. It is a game that ends in bitterness and tears. No one really wins, but everyone feels like they accomplished something even if it was only resenting each other. It is time to gather the family together again and prepare for another game of acrimony.

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MNGamer-N2021d ago

If you buy a console at launch, consider yourself a beta-tester for that system. They each will have their own share of issues, upgrades, bug fixes etc. Just the way it is.

BadboyCivic2021d ago

Best PS3 was the 60G, which was at launch. Worst Xbox was the first

Army_of_Darkness2021d ago

I don't know about the same ol same cause xbone seems to be going way of the casuals than gamers... Sony's PS4 on the other hand is definitely doing the same ol same;-) just without the difficulty to program for part:-)

mikeslemonade2021d ago

I refuse to read arcticles that say Wii U is next generation. *Next article..*

ginsunuva2021d ago

No best ps3 was 2007's 80gb right before BC ended.

starchild2021d ago

Yeah, 80gb ps3 is the one I got. I love it but the gpu went bad and now I need to fix it. Does anybody know a good place to get them fixed?

Anyway, my 360 and ps3 both died and this makes me think about just staying with my pc for the first year. But I really want to get a ps4 so I'll probably just give in and get one at launch.

LOL_WUT2021d ago

I have the 60gb it still works and everything but early this year the laser failed on me. I'm not even going to fix it instead i'm going to buy a wii U. ;)

seanpitt232020d ago

I bought My ps3 80G 3 months after launch and it lasted me 2 years it YLOD so I went to fix it cost 50 squids and got it back home then the bloody laser went on me so I had to chuck the towel in and bought the 120G ps3 slim model so I must say the 120G ps3 slim first models was the best for me

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ExPresident2021d ago

I would simply say they are early adopters and thats it. My original PS3 60GB is still going strong.

saoco2021d ago

Yes sir!!! Same here. Can't say the same for my 2 ex-boxes.

Salooh2021d ago

Guys , off topic but i have something simple but may turn great :)

Look at the long blue light at 0:09 .Isn't that the ps4 line ?. Ps4 version :D . .

CaulkSlap2021d ago

Well honestly I'm ready for at least some same old with a new coat of paint on it.

SpinalRemains2021d ago

I cannot disagree with this.

Launches rule, but rarely do they come with astounding new AAA titles.


Gon got me one rite away!

LOGICWINS2021d ago

On behalf of the majority of people who will buy these consoles well after they launch, I would like to thank you Day 1 beta testers. It's your complaints/rants that end up making our experience that much better.

GameCents2021d ago

Here here! Hehehe. To the beta-testers.

MRMagoo1232021d ago

I got the ps3 at launch , i still have that ps3 right now turned on and going strong , i dont feel like some kind of tester for the hardware because it has never had a bug glitch or problem hardware wise.

kingmushroom2021d ago

stop sh*t*ng on my fantasy with your horrendous headline and article

PigPen2021d ago

But this isn't winner takes all, they all will sell and be successful.

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The story is too old to be commented.