4 Reasons Why Heavenly Sword Deserves A Sequel

WC - Heavenly Sword was brought out as a launch title for the PS3, revealed at the previous E3 to the awe of gamers and journalists alike. The game should’ve been a whopping commercial success, so what went wrong? Well even though it sold over 1.5 million copies, meaning it likely made enough money to be profitable (it didn’t have such a bloated production budget as Dead Space 3 or Tomb Raider), its release coinciding with great games like Resistance and Assassin’s Creed meant it never really got the attention it deserved. As a result, many members of the press felt the game was a little too traditional, not doing as much to move its corresponding genre forward as the other said games did, resulting in this top-class title being highly underappreciated.

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refocusedman2019d ago

When I first played heavenly sword I thought "meh" this game is ok, and it went back on the shelf to collect dust. I decided to give it another chance like a year later and WOW what was I thinking. This game is and was fantastic! I would instantly purchase this if a sequel were to be made. Its a shame that so many great games on the ps3 didnt sell well; Valkria chronicles, star hawk, resistance 3, 3D DOT game heroes, and infamous (although it sold well I thought is should have sold much better).

OrangePowerz2019d ago

Valkyria Chronicles, one of the best games this gen.

Mr_Nuts2019d ago

My main reason is Nariko, she is a fantastic character which could of really developed over more games. The only thing I didn't really like at time was Kai, in small doses fair enough but I hope if it gets a sequel it will move Nariko forward in time or maybe in a new location where she will meet new characters and maybe even a male counterpart.


I know I know she died but since NT were going to do a sequel set in hell where she had to escape they can still bring her back. I mean we don't know the full story behind the sword, maybe it gives the user after they die a chance to come back after passing trials. I do hope Anna Torv comes back for Nariko though, she was great as her.

panbit862019d ago

Please God! I NEED a Heavenly Sword 2!!! Nariko is such an amazing character! Great design, characters, gameplay, art direction... LOVED IT!

LarVanian2019d ago

Tameem Antoniades actually appeared in one of the developer videos during the PS4 reveal. It would be absolutely awesome if Ninja Theory and Guerilla Cambridge were secretly making HS2 for PS4. It would make an incredible surprise announcement at E3.

Genki2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

This article seems to appear at least twice per year.

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