Game Scoop: Has Microsoft Made a Huge Mistake?

IGN - People seem to think so, but here's why we shouldn't panic.

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SpinalRemains1966d ago


They have made a monumental, death inducing mistake.

JokesOnYou1966d ago

Gamers will speak with their wallets, I predict X1 is definitely going to be the #1 selling next gen console in the US.

Hicken1966d ago

How many non-gamers will just be yapping away with no clue what they're saying? Cuz that's the only way that console sees anything like impressive sales.

Hopefully, there aren't more than a handful of fanboys like yourself, JokesOnYou, who are so indoctrinated they're actually EAGER to get the XBOne even knowing how ridiculous an idea that is.

MikeMyers1965d ago

"How many non-gamers will just be yapping away with no clue what they're saying? Cuz that's the only way that console sees anything like impressive sales."

You said the same thing about the Xbox 360. We don't even know half the story about the Xbox One, how used games will work, what games will be offered, price, how the cloud will play a role, how the much more powerful Kinect will play in games and so on. If you're already determined to hate the system why continue to keep going into topics about it other than to instigate conflict with those who may be interested in it?

"Hopefully, there aren't more than a handful of fanboys like yourself, JokesOnYou, who are so indoctrinated they're actually EAGER to get the XBOne even knowing how ridiculous an idea that is."

Why is it ridiculous to enjoy games like Forza? Why is it ridiculous to want to see what Kinect 2 can offer? Why is it ridiculous to not want an entertainment box that can go from movies, to games to music, to games, to watching TV, to games, all very quickly and very easily without having to sign-out? Why is it ridiculous to want to see how those 300,000 servers will play out which could mean very stable games online and having a living breathable world even for single player games? Why are people acting ridiculous over the used games situation when it's actually far more lenient than Steam which is loved by millions?

You know what's ridiculous, people trying way to hard to make sure the Xbox brand is inferior and doing that for years and years.

JokesOnYou1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Great post MikeMyers

I don't even take people like Hicken seriously he's not a gamer, he's a sony mouthpiece trying to push his agenda on everyone, I have my gripes with both and I'm just not interested in the wii-u at all but I'd rather be the type who follows, gives opinions and recommendations on what I DO LIKE rather than the type that doesn't want people to enjoy a certain kind of games because I don't.= This is a major differentiator where I can tell who's about games and who's ONLY about winning this stupid fictional war, of course we all as gamers have valid opinions both negatively and positively about every console....but Hicken and his kind basicly flip flops on every issue, hates micro used game DRM but online passes are soooo different.

Its perfectly normal not like something that a particular brand is doing an of course you should give your opinion, but when your whole history turns into nothing more than blind love for one, blind hate for another with the same old rants over and over again it makes you just a BS flip flop politician with talking points.

Ironically his behavior displays a lot more indoctrination than mine, normal people do as I do they, they associate with those of similar interest and have general conversation about the pro's and con's, indoctrinated foot soldiers seek out and attack anyone who doesn't follow their beliefs.

MikeMyers1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )


What will be interesting is after E3 and all those people who say it's about the games don't talk about the games and try and shift the focus on something else. At that point it's probably best for them to just ignore the system all together but what is really going on is some just want it to fail regardless of the games.

Microsoft will never win these people over and quite frankly, that's ok. You continue to see the pessimism shift. Kinect wasn't very accurate, it could see very well in low-light conditions, it could only track 2 people, the latency held it back. All very good points but now they seemed to have rectify that and where do the pessimism people go to next? It has to be connected, they are spying on us. No talk at all about how more advanced it is.

The Xbox One may very well be making a mistake having Kinect in every system, alienating people who are not connected, trying to control used games. But that is where the market will decide. I imagine when the original Xbox required broadband in a world dominated by dial-up it too caused controversy. I imagine when Valve announced Steam it caused quite a bit of controversy and bye-bye to physical copies. Some people just love to over-dramatize the situation and act like the world is ending all the time. While others will advocate for their preferred company while bashing the competition for years and years. They actually seem to get more enjoyment doing that than actually enjoying the system they keep saying is so much better.

It really is weird how much effort and extreme some get, all over videogames.

"they associate with those of similar interest and have general conversation about the pro's and con's"

Some people don't want to focus on the pro's and instead consume themselves with the cons. They are not interested in having a balanced approach and discussing things in a mature manner. It's more about attention and causing conflict.

You could talk about how great Kinect 2 is and how it could finally fill the potential the original should while still having concerns about privacy. You could talk about how Kinect could be applied to games and make them interesting but also be concerned about gimmicks and where the controller would work better. That's how you have conversations instead of coming into articles and saying they are doing this wrong, that sucks, anyone who supports this is stupid. They are not here to contribute but to be a cancer.

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thechosenone1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

"I don't look toward MS to provide the games for me, 3rd parties will do that"

WTF.. a couple of years ago it was all about exclusives and who had the better lineup but now it's like who cares? What the hell has happened to the xbox crowed.

Huge mistake on MS part and we'll see how bad this holiday season.

showtimefolks1966d ago

its the american crowd who thinks like that, its the frat boy console where you want to buy shooters. That's why xbox never did any damage in japan and that's why ps3 did so well in Europe.

exclusives matter and MS will learn that the hardway, i am really giving them the benefit of the doubt when they said they had 8 new Ip's and 15 exclusives in the 1st year

so E3 better be strong

gaming journalists are idiots and some of them are the biggest fanboys

watch this, the guy all the way to the end said point blank he is a xbox fanboy and he loved what MS showed on may 21st and he only cares about 3rd party games

idiots i tell you idiots

GamersRulz1966d ago

The point flew over whole IGN staff. Gamers angry at X1 because the hardware is hindered by the focus on the entertainment aspects of the device (only 5 gig dedicated to games).

Veneno1966d ago

Why Is the media defending Microsoft so damn much? If Sony and MS switched positions right now we would not see all these "wait and see what our master will bless us with" type of defense articles. It's pathetic.

SALT1966d ago

im an australian gamer..loved PS1! some of all time fave games were that gen console as was massive leap in new gaming IPs/direction thru CD capacity for consoles but made change to OG xbox in 2002/3 and havent looked back staying on XBL purchasing a 360 over last 7yrs and would now consider myself a fanboy. My decision last gen was about online service, growth of western developed content being far greater than the kiddy jap/anime influenced PSN styles and the grubby little 6 axis controllers. Played both COD and BF comp for many top teams in Australia and US/UK in these years and built the local Battlefield competitive scene from basic humble beginnings for BF3 to success - My major interest is BF4 and playing Frostbite 2 engine with decent player counts on next gen console. Its the #1 game engine in the world its a launch title THAT TO ME WILL MAKE ME UPGRADE MY GAMING SYSTEM...its been a long 7yrs in this gen and DICE really hammered that home with the decision to completely re build their own gaming engine from scratch back in 2007. Finally delivering on promises/expectations with the brilliant BF3 that to me showed amazing progress by a developer and studio at the top of their game. Nothing screamed being held back by hardware limitations of the current gen as effectively as seeing BF3 on a high end PC and the allure/promise of what we are about to embark on with BF4 and the next consoles.

The XBOX ONE is an impressive unit but I dont care about TV voice recognition Kinnect or 2nd hand market. I understand what they tried to achieve/direction for XBL service and innovation tools OS with value adds to make a more complete entertainment will be smooth as a babys arse its a nice machine, and i love the XBL service but when you read up that KILLZONE for launch is already tapping into 3gb and the XBOXONE will only have access to 5gb out of its 8gb ram allocated for its entire life on this gen then surely by years 3, 4 and beyond devs on PS4 will be delivering games exponentially better in every way whilst MS will be holding gamers and 3rd party devs back - ALAN KURTZ from DICE has already said this gen will be SONY thats pretty compelling when you work for a company that has openly declared to both MS/Sony last year that "DICE WANT AS MUCH AS THEY CAN GET THEIR HANDS ON COS WE WILL USE IT"

JokesOnYou1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

1st comment, aaahh another long time xboxfanboy, and of course you know how the ram is allocated for games because you heard it on the now you've suddenly had an empiheny even prior to seeing the goods at E3 which is just days from now. hmmm so now of course as a longtime xboxfanboy you already know ps4 is the way to go...OK sure. Thanks nasim, I appreciate the your insight but I'll take your 1st post with a grain of SALT.

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