HD-DVD Outselling Blu-Ray? Dead Format Flies Off Discount Shelves

NPD recently predicted that Blu-Ray unit sales will make gains by the end of this year and that is a very reasonable statement considering that Blu-ray won the high definition DVD wars. Of course, NPD also found that most people are happy enough with their standard DVD and are in no hurry to switch to an HD format. Maybe, Sony should not have celebrated its victory by raising Blu-ray prices. That's one reason. Here is another.

A March 21st news story we picked up from TG Daily is quite interesting. Among the percentage of consumers who are investing in high definition today many are choosing the dead format. Demand is so strong for HD-DVD, thanks to steep price drops, that supplies on remaining HD-DVD player stocks and HD-DVD discs are drying up very quickly. They may be within a week of a selling out and demand for some HD-DVD units are so strong prices are jumping back up again. From the article:

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aslucher4493d ago

how dumb are people, they are being sold for dirt cheap of course they will be flying off the shelves!

Sir Ken Kutaragi 34492d ago

Bill Gate$ is buying them all!!! ;-D

Stryfeno14493d ago

Some people never going to learn or they just do not know about the format being discontinued.

yesah4492d ago

People will just go with whatever is cheaper, probaly unknowing of the format war, But Blu Ray shouldnt be to worried, they got all the big companies, all the new movies wont be out on HDDVD, so its kind of a stupid move to go and buy HDDvd players...

4492d ago
heyheyhey4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )


ah i see you are not yet familiar with the concept of the "Open Zone"

see it's this magical place where you call people "lemmings" and "naziz" with no reprecussions

it's only a mouse click away- and it's calling you home

4492d ago
EastCoastSB4492d ago

Comments like that go in the Open Zone, not here.

robbo9184492d ago

So you say you are just a "gamer" and trash people who trash companies, yet then you trash Sony. You even said you would go down on a sinking ship before supporting Sony, well then Mr. Pot I would like you to meet Mr. Kettle.

gololo4492d ago

@Venomous I don't think you understand...Sony is one of the main backers of BlueRay but it's not the only one...and why are you bringing MS in the looks you got defensive...relax and yes your comments go to the next tab ->

Andronicus4492d ago

if you meant "we're" meaning yourself and others, you are saying that you are converting BD movies to other formats so i guess you have a BD player/drive. you and your post have failed.

barom4492d ago

The market has been following the news people. It was only a minority that is buying High Def media, and we all remember that after the Warner Bros announcement BD quickly outsold HD DVD. If that minority didn't follow the news BD's sales would never have jumped.

The reason why HD DVD is selling so well atm, is quite easy. The price of the cheapest HD DVD player was 80 bucks (at most retails) which I think includes a HD DVD in it. Additionally you would get 5 HD DVD's via rebate. Which would make it a pretty darn cheap upconverter. The better model only costs 20$ bucks more and supports 1080p. It's quite simple. HD DVD players is a good deal nowadayz.

BrianC62344492d ago

I think the fools buying this crap are the same people who already bought it. Might as well. If they're dirt cheap buy a couple and pack them away. At least if they bought a bunch of HD DVD movies. Everyone else should stay away, far away.

le killer4492d ago

and it makes you wonder how many people are gonna be buying cheap 360s for gta4 next month?! when microsoft drop the prices in america about a week before it ships...may or junes npd figures are gonna be interesting.

@ venom

i did'nt see your first comment, but i do agree with a couple of things in your second. when i first started coming on here last year, this was by far the best gaming site around. now it's the bash microsoft site, which is stricken with sony fanboys!! yesterday, there was a thread about halo:wars and the first two post are from the sony army, one saying that it did'nt sound great, and the other asking how long microsoft can keep using the halo name! it's not like nintendo milking mario, or sony milking metal gear or gran tourismo is it?????

now let's see the disagrees i get, or how long before i'm on three bubbles!

SDS Gamerfiend4492d ago

I just recently purchased an xbox 360 HD-DVD player from best buy for $50 US because the dead format has about 400 movies and will upscale my current dvd collection to 1080P for $50 bucks! A DVD Upscaler will cost around $70 US! So why not get the dead format and get HD-DVD`s for 30% off at Best Buy and everywhere else?!

wallace10004492d ago

If you read around the likes of AVSForum you will find lots of movie enthusiast that bought HD DVD don't mind that it lost because now all the movies are dead cheap. There are people buying hundreds of movies because now they can get the HD movies that they love for dirt cheap. Many of them also own Blu-ray so why would they buy the movie on blu-ray if they can get it on HD DVD for more than half the price in some cases?

RUF14492d ago

Most people who knew anything about the high-def format war knew that HD-DVD was being discontinued back when it was announced. What this has more to do with is people picking-up additional back-up players for HD-DVD's, as well as using them as great up-converting DVD players. I had the HD-DVD add-on since the beginning, but I picked up an HDA-30 cheap at one of the fire sales. It has up-converting picture quality that is the equal of the PS3, and the bonus is that it is actually quieter than either the PS3 or the Xbox 360 (due the cooling fan).

As for the catalogue, I, too, am picking-up titles that will either not be on Blu-ray for some time to come (e.g., Universal and Paramount Titles), or titles that were definitely better on HD-DVD, and which may not have all the same features as the HD-DVD by the time they are released on Blu-ray. A perfect example of this is the 300 HD-DVD. It was (and still is) the hands-down best version of the movie to own.

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tk4493d ago

The last 10 HD-DVD disks will be sold at only 3/4 of the normal price and that is prove of demand? hmmm... Whatever...

Mikelarry4493d ago

it that when ppl never get things when there are in abundance but as soon as it gets discontinued or they start fazing them out ppl start buying them like hot cakes

RJ20004492d ago

because they drop to half the price they were originally at...

LinuxGuru4493d ago


'nuff said.

Mikelarry4493d ago

hd dvds were cheap, can you remember all the hot deals they were giving out.

Atomic4493d ago

people like cheap and alive stuff -fixed-
those people buying HDdvd players are not informed about that dead format

actas1234492d ago

People buy those as upscaling Dvd players. For 50-60 bucks that is a good deal for an upscaling DVD player. People know, no body is an idiot. Its normal that the price will go a little higher as some merchants will wanna make an extra few bucks.. but they won't go as high as 90 dollars..