Blizzard's Samwise Didier talks Warcraft and StarCraft

Samwise Didier is art director at Blizzard, and a veteran of the company's early days. His bold, humorous style has set the tone for much of the studio's output, not least the look and feel of the planet's most popular virtual world. He also draws cover art for the World of Warcraft comic and the albums of Swedish power metal band Hammerfall, and sings (or rather, bellows) in Blizzard's terrifying in-house band, Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain. (L70ETC's imposing body of work includes Rogues Do It From Behind and the mighty metal anthem I Am Murloc.) You can see examples of his work in a gallery at the Blizzard art site, Sons of the Storm.

On Eurogamer's recent visit to Blizzard HQ to play StarCraft II, they sat down with Didier to discuss what makes Blizzard games look like Blizzard games.

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VigorousApathy3863d ago

Is it this guy's fault that Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 characters look like cartoons? Honestly, the new marines look like Buzz Lightyear. They just need the wings that pop out.

Hooby3863d ago

Obviously that's a bad thing, seeing how terribly blizzard is doing.

Alcaponeyou3863d ago

that designed the diablo (1) characters
he doesn't fit well with sc or wc

VigorousApathy3862d ago

Right... because Blizzard is doing well you're not allowed to complain about anything they do. Bill Gates is doing even better than Blizzard so he'll be happy when finds out about this.

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sandip7873863d ago

wow. an actual guy called samwise.
totally roxors