The videogame Crash of 2014

Microsoft predicts record-breaking console sales in the 8th Generation of gaming. Sony is looking towards a gaming-focused future, and Nintendo continues to march forward. Yet, are we ignoring the signs laid out before us? Both the Wii-U and the Vita are selling poorly, and there are still two more 8th-gen consoles that have yet to launch. I believe we are heading towards another Videogame Crash. All of the pieces are in place. All of the same symptoms are present. It is only a matter of time.

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harkki861965d ago

it would be sad if the market blew up but i can totally see it happening. when i heard that the new tomb raider sold millions and still lost money i thought to myself 'gee this really is not good'

Maddens Raiders1965d ago

Eh, TR probably isn't the best example but I understand your sentiment there. I guess I'm a bit indifferent on this.. I mean I don't want there to be a crash but I've got a huge backlog of games on the PS3 lol so if this happens I'll be sad for a little while but not while I'm getting through games I haven't even opened yet. :)

Plus,whatever is down cycle-wise will usually always, rise again..

MilkMan1965d ago

I would love a crash. Start fresh in a couple of years or something. I'm tired of FPS and I HATE (with all the fiber in my being) ANYTHING on my consoles other than gaming.

Ive got my games stacked, so I'm ready for the wave.


goldwyncq1965d ago

Please get out of this site and find a new hobby then.

MilkMan1965d ago

Seriously considering it.


I'm with you there. I could ride out the whole of the next gen with my current gen backlog. Plus I'll be able to get a lot more from cearance sales when the publishers have their way and bring down the used games stores.

Roccetarius1965d ago

Even if the consoles do crash and burn, the PC will still prevail.

zeroskie1965d ago

maybe not, the PC game base isn't as big as the console install base, so developers would make less money by catering to only PC games. Which means the PC master race will be getting cheaper and fewer games.

Roccetarius1965d ago

The chances are pretty slim of it happening, but if we get more developers for PC like CD Projekt Red, then it's definitely a win in my book.

People will support quality and fair pricing, but not the other way around.

schlanz1965d ago

The industry will not crash. I don't understand how people think this can happen.

Just because a certain console fails, or certain game fails to draw an audience and make a profit does not spell out disaster for an almost 70 billion dollar industry.

There is a ridiculous demand out there for new content and that isn't going to go away; what we may see is a shift of development resources as the biggest publishers out there realize big budget games that cost 100 million to make don't make business sense a lot of the time.

There are still plenty of great developers, big ones and indies alike, that know how to utilize their talent and financial resources to make games that will find plenty of success.