Razer Introduces the Blade Pro - Designed For Work and For Play

The Razer Blade Pro: 17-inch HD Screen, Intel Quad Core i7, NVIDIA GTX 765M; comes with built-in professional-grade SBUI applications for creative professionals

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TerminalGamer1969d ago

Impressive machine and the size of it sounds even more impressive.

zeal0us1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Here comes the high price tag

$2,299 yep

ftwrthtx1969d ago

You knew it wasn't going to be cheap

HellzAssassin1969d ago

*Starts at* $2,299... Oh jeez.

Tr10wn1969d ago

its a gaming laptop what do you expect really?

zeal0us1969d ago

I've see some cheaper gaming laptops. Lenovo has a great midrange gaming laptop for under $900.

Sure it wouldn't be able to run every thing on ultra but it can run most games on medium setting and even some on high settings

jeeves861969d ago

@ zealous - The Razer isn't meant to be a mid-range gaming laptop. You're paying for the name, too, hence the heafty price tag.

M-M1969d ago

That would be prefect for me, but that price >_>.

NameRemoved00171969d ago

Get a Sager better hardware/quality cheaper.

Genki1969d ago

Co-sign. Sager/Clevo have been making notebooks with higher specs than this for several years now. If only they marketed as well as Razer, Asus, and the like...

Agent_hitman1969d ago

lol I wont buy expensive laptop just for gaming. I rather built a custom PC that plays all at the hlf of that price lol. I can even buy a SLI/Crossfire supported mobo with that price lol.