Console Classics: Saturn, 3DO, N64, PS1, Jaguar

In the first two parts of TrustedReviews console classic guide they ran through the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. Now, in their final part they are looking at what they are going to call the 32-bit era, though in truth it's more like the '32/64/who really knows what-bit?' era. It's open to discussion whether machines like the Jaguar or Nintendo 64 really fit the 64-bit bill, and TrustedReviews are not going to go too far into those shenanigans here.

What's important is that this was a period of dramatic change for the industry; a time in which the old masters lost their way while a newcomer rapidly established dominance. Gaming stopped being just the pursuit of kids and nerds and became something that cool, club-going twenty-somethings could get into (even if some of those cool, club-going twentysomethings were just the same old kids and nerds grown up). Prepare for one final trip down console memory lane.

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