Will the Xbox One Succeed? In-depth Analysis

We take an in-depth look at what the Xbox One's odds of success are, analyzing stocks, features and the current market.

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SpinalRemains1965d ago

Sure they're optional. Guess what? Kinect isn't optional, and that's what had many upset. The focus on media rather than games has led to a machine which is inferior in terms of game power to PS4, and yet it will probably cost the same because the lack of similar hardware is offset by the dam Kinect. That thing is expensive. If it were an optional peripheral, they could have reached for the same price point and made the hardware better.

Add the restriction with used games and that is why this is a PR nightmare. Gamers are mad. It isn't mental gymnastics. Its insulting the way MS keeps moving the goalpost in an attempt to show us that we don't really know what we want, or that our idea of a gaming device is wrong, but their vision is what we need. Frankly it isn't anywhere close to what gamers want.

The games @ E3 can of course alleviate some of that, but the core issues are there. DRM, and mandatory Kinect.

golding891965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

@SpinalRemains ..What exactly is so bad about having kinect plugged in? How is that so bad? If it is required for the system to work.. so be long we do not have to buy kinect comes included....jesus..Not all people are pure hardcore gamers..some people actually like multimedia..
multimedia/games are what xbox one is about..not just games..Games are at e3 idiot..