Latest Kinect sensors allow games to feed off your fear

The latest game spawned from the Alien film franchise is being made by Creative Assembly, a game studio in Horsham, UK. It is likely to be one of the first games to explore the potential of Microsoft's next-generation Kinect sensors for the Xbox One games console. Announced at the same time as the unveiling of the Xbox One last week, the new Kinect is a huge improvement on its predecessor (see "New wave"). It will have HD colour and infrared cameras that can see if your eyes are open or closed in the dark. It will be able to detect your pulse from fluctuations in skin tone and, by measuring how light reflects off your face, it will know when you start to sweat.

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Ashunderfire864009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

I was internet surfing and I found this article. Good read too. Hope games like Evil Within use this heart rate system from the Kinect. Great possibilities indeed.

Thatguy-3104009d ago

I'll have to see it to believe it when it launches. When natal was introduced and announced it offered a vision that didn't come to life at launch. Skeptical this time around.

Ashunderfire864009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

The fact that it's another Alien game, hopefully this game studio is no smoke and mirrors like Gearbox. True that Natal Never seen the light of day, but I am sure Microsoft will get it right this time around. I'm going to E3 one week from now. Still looking at the PS4 as my first pick, but Microsoft have to convince me that Xbox One, should be the one for me first over the other. If I see actual gameplay using the kinect feature along with other promising games, then Microsoft sold me good.

Shadonic4009d ago

I can understand that. I jumped head first into kinect and i was disappointed mostly. II felt even sadder when i saw the amazing things being done on PC game wise with it and MS just never jumped on it.

4009d ago
Tres214009d ago

see i actually gav the 1st kinect a pass cuz i could see them investing heavy in that tech at that time saying it only made sense 2 go wit a basic 1 & let ppl hav practice so im hoping this 1 is gonna be lik what they 1st showed

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harkki864009d ago

um no. i already get scared of certain games and i do not need a camera creeping me out by watching me while i play.

it seems like a cool feature but you know what else would be a cool feature? a well-designed game. games can be scary without a heart monitor keeping an eye on you

4009d ago
TXIDarkAvenger4009d ago

I hope this happens. I remember the Wii Vitality Sensor, too bad it was it never put to use. Horror games would be taken to a whole new level.

whoyouwit044009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

There are rumors that microsoft is making a Zombie game, if it's true I can guarantee that it will use this feature.

jerethdagryphon4009d ago

if i was to get a x1 it wouldnt have much affect i dont really xperiance fear or adrinline in games

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mastershredder16h ago

It was remade last year for PC , Now released and OPTIMIZED and PORTED for/to Xbox and PS5, not “remade” just for consoles.

“it follows a critically acclaimed release on PC back in 2023” that’s because it’s the same work/game. it’s not following/follow up or a continuation. Author Sounds like they are taking a stab at an article and don’t know the product-line lineage and release history/ hierarchy they are attempting to inform you about.

More appropriately: System Shock was first rereleased in 2023 on PC, System shock is now available on PS5 and Xbox.