PS4's No DRM Movement Gets Support From More Than 170 Websites

Gaming Blend should have finished the headline with “...and counting”, because there are a lot more sites joining, sites no one has ever heard of that have established audiences; sites everyone has heard of with no audiences; and sites so big that that their audience has an audience. The movement to make Sony aware of the movement has spread enough to catch the attention of nearly every core gamer out there and it's still growing.

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Kingthrash3602020d ago

We......Have.........SPOKENNNN NNNNNN!!!!

translation: Fu*k drm.

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M-M2020d ago

That's pretty crazy. I remember seeing the little forum post on no DRM, then when I woke up in the morning and checked Twitter I saw that it was the top trend just that fast. Now over 170 sites are supporting it lol.

amiga-man2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

I could very easily dismiss this as something that doesn't affect me, I only buy games new and don't trade them either, but I am not that naive, DRM is just another attempt to control gaming and for companies to make more money from gamers.

I will never support DRM or anything ekse that restricts my gaming experience, paying for online was just the start if gamers don't make a stand more will follow, just say no, the software companies will not just walk away from the billion dollar industry.

Gamers have the power, at least Playstation owners seem to be making a stand

Fairchild Channel F2020d ago

I'm the same as you Amiga. I buy all my games new, usually when they first come out, and it's a real rarity that I lend them out or sell them. So it isn't really something the effects me directly.

But as a consumer and gamer this DRM crap is bad for everybody no matter what your console preference is.

DJMarty2020d ago

Sony & MS not after stopping used games, they after stopping other companies making cash from them at ther expense. Any monies made should go back to the industry, like publishers/developers.

Don't get why gamers don't get it.

Heavenly King2020d ago

that only applies to M$, because they are the only ones dumb enough to require to install every game, and not requiring the disk afterwards. If that was not the case the XB1 would not have all that crappy DRM in the first place.

kingPoS2020d ago

That what I don't get? Why does the Xbox1 have to install the entire game to the hard drive.

They've got bluray and only using it as just storage?! What's the reason behind that???

Gamer-Z2020d ago

Hopefully Sony is listening


Mr_Nuts2020d ago

I think Sony aren't going to do this so people can relax. They've acknowledged the movement on Twitter repeatedly and if they were going to do this then they wouldn't of even spoke of this let alone made jokes about it because if they DID end up doing it then it would make them look even worse because they listened to people and saw how much it upset us yet still went through with it.

So yeah thats my opinion, this is why I don't think it will do the same things the Xbox One is doing.

KwietStorm2020d ago

My concern is if Sony doesn't do DRM and Microsoft does, how will it affect their relationship with pubs? Sony will be looked at as being in it for the gamers, but Microsoft will likely get the nod from the publishers. I can't imagine a scenario where EA would do away with online passes altogether, but only one manufacturer has an "alternative" in place. But actually thinking about it further, there seems to be a lot more season passes right now than online passes, so I have to wonder how many publishers are really concerned with used game sales, and if Sony is in a good position going the other way.

Crystallis2020d ago

The publishers will still release the games on the PS4, i just think exclusive DLC for Sony is out of the questions which is fine by me.

Majin-vegeta2020d ago


I wrote this on another article hope it sheds some light on your question.

And before you give that damn lame excuse of."Devs will just stop making games for that particular console".Do you think they are stupid to alienate millions of customers and lose millions of dollar just to make it one console??Where there is a used game fee?Think about that nice and hard.Those people would be getting shutdown left and right.

SoapShoes2019d ago

It seems like Sony is getting all the praise from developers while the Xbox One is getting scorned left and right. I know they aren't publishers but if the devs are happy that says a lot.

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