7 Xbox One Questions Microsoft HAS to answer

Important questions about Xbox One have gone unanswered since the Xbox One reveal presentation on May 21. How will pre-owned games work? What happens to the Xbox One without an internet connection? What about cloud tech? Here are the crucial pieces missing from the Xbox One puzzle.

Many of the vital details about the gaming experience on Xbox One will come out of Xbox One's showing at E3 in two weeks' time, so stick with us for those. Finally, we'll know whether Xbox One is the only next-gen console Mike can't play while sitting on the john.

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Kingthrash3602947d ago

only 7 o.O...I got 3 more to make it a solid 10....

8. how much are the used game "fees" gunna cost and will it cost customers or retailers?

9. will the TV cable fantasy football bs have a fee? or will the ads pay for that...because the ads didnt pay for my xbox gold membership on the 360.

10. will the cloud integration cost too...because lets face it MS charges for almost everything and I cant see them upgrading the console without charging you (plus upgrading hardware online was something I thought was impossible) and will this mean i must be online all the time then???

I could add more but.....hand cramps.

JeffGUNZ2947d ago

I thought their was an article up here a few days after the reveal that MS indicated their would not be a fee if the person sells the game back. I thought they said the fee was an incorrect statement? I could be wrong or the article could have been wrong but I know they will have to address it clearly and directly at E3.

CynicalKelly2946d ago

I remember seeing that. That if you buy a used game, there will be no fee but if you borrow a games friend and decide to install it to your console to play whenever, you need to pay the fee which will equal the price of the game.

Not sure if that is the way it works but I remember seeing it in one of the articles after the reveal.

JeffGUNZ2946d ago

Thanks CynicalKelly, that's exactly what I remember reading.

fOrlOnhOpe572947d ago

Im going out on a limb here to predict a "7 PS4 questions that Sony HAVE to answer" shows up tomorrow lol
I only have one - how much? - sure, no problem!

IBleedXbox2946d ago

i dont play in my living room