64-Core Desktop Processors to Emerge in 2012

The amount of cores inside central processing units (CPUs) is projected to skyrocket in the coming years, according to analysts, which will enable unprecedented performance potential. However, to take advantage of that potential software makers need to have skills that many do not own right now.

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VigorousApathy4490d ago

I know barely anything about computers. Can someone explain why they can't use hardware instead of software to split the processing tasks up among all the CPUs?

The_Firestarter4490d ago

No wonder the world will end in 2012! Skynet will destroy us all!!!

*runs to underground bunker*

heyheyhey4490d ago

oh lordy lord

soon machines will be smarter than us- this is insane

SkyNet doesn't seem so fictional now does it?

ElementX4490d ago

So even teh awesome PS3 will be way obsolete? I look forward to a 64 core MS console sooner, even if it might start on fire.

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