Nintendo Blocks the Freeloader

Nintencast writes :

"Yeah, happy Easter guys, but it seems as though Nintendo don't want that to be the case for many people. Yesterday we reported that Nintendo released a second update for the Nintendo Wii (America only) and it seems that this update voids the Freeloader - just after a week of it being released!"

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pwnsause3863d ago

yea its called price cuts to get rid of a dead format off store shelves.

pwnsause3863d ago

wait what, this was the hd-dvd topic. omg, thanx i got pwnt.

decapitator3863d ago

lol.sorry about that man. I had to change the story. You might wanna check the pending section, someone else is tring to submit it.

decapitator3863d ago

That didn't take very long at all. Knowing hackers, they are probably looking for new ways to make it work.

Tsalagi3863d ago

They'll just sneak the update code onto a game.

DRUDOG3863d ago

So don't go sticking a game in the system without knowing if there is an update on it. I'm sure those hacker sites will have that info available soon after the game is released.

jackie chann3863d ago

Mine still works because i won't download the update or any future update. In fact no other game is going in my wii unless its a new mario or zelda.

CaliGamer3863d ago

LOL, just thought it sounded funny.

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