Gone Home, An Interview With Steve Gaynor

It’s 1995 and you’ve just come back home from college. No one is there, your parents and your little sister are just gone. Where they went and why they seemed to be packing the house to move are what you’ll have to piece together from notes, pictures, and music clues that you find around the house. Welcome to Gone Home.

Gone Home is the first game created by The Fullbright Company, a four person team based out of a house in Portland, Oregon. Founded by Steve Gaynor, Johnnemann Nordhagen, Karla Zimonja in 2012 and later bringing in Kate Craig. They have set out to make a game that takes the world building mechanic of finding items that explain the back story in most games (think voxophones in BioShock Infinite) and make that the core of the game.

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