Resident Evil: Revelations Review (NintendoWorldReport)

"Revisiting the Queen Zenobia.

Resident Evil: Revelations was my most-anticipated game for the 3DS, and I was thoroughly impressed with it last February. When the HD console version was announced earlier this year, I was happy to see that the Wii U would be getting some exclusive content. Now that I’ve played through Revelations a second time, I can safely say that those Wii U features aren’t all that exciting, but more importantly, Revelations is still one of the best post-RE4 Resident Evil games. If you haven’t played it already, this is definitely the way to do so.I won’t go into the core game here—you can read my previous review for that information—I’m just going to talk about what’s changed for the console release.", writes NintendoWorldReport.

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